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The 2020 Mystics Almanac

A Dream Pulled Through into Form

The Mystics Almanac was born of a burst of insight brought forth from a dream. It was an invitation from the ethers to offer the Collective a glimpse into the landscape ahead. Now in its second year, we submit this almanac to you with respect, deep reverence, and endless gratitude for the inspiration that guided its creation, and offer blessings to all those who will be guided by it on their journeys.


 What is the Mystics Almanac?

Now in its second year, the Mystic Almanac is the product of a divine weaving between five women bringing the lost arts forward in these times. Mystic mentor and intuitive guide Lindsay Pera, love instigator and artist Sarah Love McCoy, astrological guide and wisdom keeper Vanessa Couto, numerology and happiness coach Kari Samuels, and Akashic records and leadership mentor Priscilla Stephan offer this creation to you with a blessing of good LOVE and MAGIC and WISDOM in all forms.

The 2020 Mystics Almanac is a daily companion for navigating the energies of each day, month and year. This tool shows us so gently, so lovingly, that we can stop pushing and striving and swimming upstream and instead ride the natural waves that seek to bring beauty, magic, love, and prosperity into our lives.

Daily Oracle

Begin each day with the gentle guidance of the Mystics Oracle.

Monthly Readings

Enjoy monthly readings for Health & Wellbeing, Heart & Relationships, and Prosperity & Abundance.

Deeper Insights

The Mystics Almanac takes the insight even further with astrological, numerological and akashic records wisdom.

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