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 What is the Mystics Almanac?

Now in its third year, the Mystic Almanac is positioned once again to be the trusted ally and guide to help you navigate the “seen” and “unseen” of these unprecedented times. 

Each year the Mystics Almanac brings you a sneak peek into what to expect - day by day, month by month, season by season.

Curious what the year ahead will hold for you?

~ Health & Wellbeing: What should I expect for my health given that we are in a global pandemic? 

~ Relationships: How will I best navigate the shifting paradigms in our social systems and political structures? 

~ Money Matters: What can I do to plan for my finances with so much uncertainty afoot? 

~ Right Livelihood: How will love and meaning show up in 2022 and what can I do to become more fully aligned to my purpose? 

The 2022 Mystics Almanac offers guidance and answers to all these questions and more.

Daily Oracle

Begin each day with the gentle guidance of the Mystics Oracle.

Monthly Readings

Enjoy monthly readings for Health & Wellbeing, Heart & Relationships, and Prosperity & Abundance.

Deeper Insights

The Mystics Almanac takes the insight even further with astrological, numerological and akashic records wisdom.

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The Mystics Almanac Serves a Diverse and Global Community...

Across continents
Across generations
Across traditions
Together we are weaving the fabric of the new times
There is no going back to the "Before"
We are part of a global transition
We are offering a map to guide you on your way.



For this new year we have extended and enhanced the almanac to bring an even more robust multi-traditional voice of guidance to you....

The 2021 Mystics Almanac features... 

Mystics Oracle divination by Lindsay Pera and Sarah love

  • Our signature Mystic’s Oracle Annual Forecast by Lindsay Pera
  • Astrological forecast by Katina Castillo
  • Numerology insights by Kari Samuels
  • Akashic records guidance by Priscilla Stephan. 

In addition we are thrilled to offer a deep weaving of multi-tradition guidance for key aspects of life, our Health & Wellbeing, Heart & Relationships, and Prosperity & Abundance...and more. 

Our contributors include OloriOsunremi Cathy Smith, Barrington Salmon, Jaucclyn Nikol, Nicole Lee, Molly Beane, Ayman Sawaf and Rowan Gabrielle who generously contribute their insights and expertise toward illuminating your path ahead.

Our Contributors

Mystic Oracle

Lindsay Pera

Love Activist & Oracle Artist

Sarah Love

Astrological Forecast

Katina Castillo

Numerology Insights

Kari Samuels

Akashic Records Guidance

Priscilla Stephan

Health & Wellbeing

Deni Luna

Heart & Relationships

Nicole Lee

Sacred Commerce

Shawn Moreton

The Wisdom of Nature

Juacclyn Nikol

Truth Telling

Barrington Salmon

Southern Hemisphere Insights

Mariana Bandarra

The Rising of Sacred Grief

Rev. Tammy Lorraine

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Together we offer this creation to you with a blessing of good LOVE, MAGIC and WISDOM in all forms.

The 2022 Mystics Almanac is a daily companion for navigating the energies of each day, month and year. If you thought 2021 was a wild ride, please know that the resolution is not soon upon us. 2021 holds so much as yet unseen - it will be up to us what we re-vision to create for ourselves and humanity as a collective. 

This tool shows us so gently, so lovingly, that we can stop forcing, fighting, pushing and striving and with guidance and connection instead ride the natural waves that seek to bring beauty, magic, love, equity, justice and prosperity into our lives. 

Order your copy now and gain the peace of mind to carry you through the entire year. We can navigate these times in a good way…#together.

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