A Guide and Companion on Your Journey

The Mystics Path is a trusted guide and companion for your life journey. Lindsay Pera brings her gift for bridgewalking the ancient and the new into this magical edition. 

In the Before times we knew we were sacred, worthy, luminous beings. 

Before we were stripped of our sacred tools we knew the secrets of aligning to our unique and divine path. 

We are living in a time of shift that is inviting a collective remembering. 

It’s time to remember your magic. 

It’s time to reclaim the tools. 

It’s time to step onto the path. 

All we need to do is invite the spark of  in order to reclaim the gifts

and the knowing 


With simplicity and clarity, Lindsay shares the tools she has been teaching to the Mystics Society, a private community of new paradigm thinkers, bridgewalkers, and modern mystics.

She shares the exact map to navigating your way to a life that is thriving, resonant and prosperous. 

Happening on August 18th thru September 22nd

Calls will be on Wednesdays, 9:30-11:00 AM PST (Aug 18, 25th, sept 1, 8, 15, and 22)


What is the Mystics Path the Journey?

These are tools that support us in claiming our own, unique, magical and aligned experience on your journey.

Lindsay shares the exact map to navigating your way to a life that is thriving, resonant and prosperous. 

Who is this for?

  • You have achieved a level of success, and live in gratitude for all you have called in.
  • But you want your "real" life to match the inner call you feel.  You want your work to be a divine expression of your sacred path to receive in accordance with your gifts and your service to all of creation.

This is about you, and it’s about your journey.



About Me

I am a guide and facilitator of the life weaving process

As a consultant, business strategist, entrepreneur, intuitive, energy and light worker, mother, wife & lover, homesteader, and curator of a divine life: including experiences, foods, textures, and relationships… I have been a master manifestation artist since I was a child – and I continue to delight in the power of human intention to shape reality – and in the power of women to accelerate and amplify the manifestation process when engaged in divinely guided circles.

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Your Investment

The course alone is $222 (with generous payment plans offered)

During registration you can also purchase your own copy of Lindsay's book The Mystics Path for an in-hand guide. 

 The Mystics Path is a Journey

Step forward into the not knowing in trust. There are many footsteps on the path before you. You do not need to journey alone.


Gratitude before all else.
I am a sacred, worthy, luminous being.
I am love, and my love is forgiving


Magic is in the alchemy, the blending, the contrasts,
and the complements.


Each and every one of us sees, hears, feels, believes, and acts in
our own unique way. All are valid, worthy of love, and blessed.
All is light and energy. Seek to amplify light and love.


We are capable of accessing our guides, and of creating deeper connection to ourselves, to magic, to others, to nature,
to Spirit, and to unseen realms. 
What we do for the one, we do for the all.
Co-creation is the way. Do no harm


Seek to amplify light and love. Co-creation is the way.
Seeing. Remembering. Reminding. Claiming.


I am a sacred worthy luminous being. I am love and my love is forgiving. Onward we go. Together we rise.
In service we shine. In peace we reside.


Mentor and be mentored. There is both the teacher and
the taught in all things. Hold peacemaker vows,
compassionate hearts, open minds.


We are capable of accessing our guides, and of creating
deeper connection to ourselves, to magic, to others, to nature,
to Spirit, and to unseen realms. Assume positive intent.
Enjoy the journey.

Mystic Mavens share....

  • Lindsay Pera

    “I started reading the book last night. So so nourishing. Wow. Thank you. I felt some of my apprehension about the programming ending drift away as I heard your voice in every word. I also really understood on a deep level why you resonated with me at the board meeting of SLS so long ago because I heard my voice in many of the words in the initial pages as you describe peacemaking. NCD is so aligned. I’m simply writing to say well done. I deeply see and feel the monumental achievement of capturing your life’s work in this magical volume. And I’m grateful. ”


    CEO, Navigating Challenging Dialogue

  • Lindsay Pera

    ““I just got my book! I read all the beautiful dedications in the beginning and then I read the table of contents, oh my gosh! I haven't even finished looking at the drawings by Sherri, but I was like, she put it all in here. I mean, this is it! I love the size, it is so portable. I feel like one of these kids with an YouTube unboxing! Congratulations. I love you and I appreciate you.””


    Author of The Amazing Adventures of Selma of Calderon

  • Lindsay Pera

    ““This book. Showing up at this time. What a blessing to my heart and soul!
    Thank you Lindsay Pera and the whole team at @themysticsoracle for your dedication to this information, this potent magic, coming forward right now.

    Years of work, lifetimes of reading the signs, all rolled into this beautiful container. I’m beyond grateful!!!

    And Sherri Hayter, your illustrations are so magical! ””


    Founder, I Stand for Love

  • Lindsay Pera

    “Thank you for this little book Lindsay. It's a gem. ”