Journey to Right Livelihood

Soul + Business Practices for
claiming your purpose,
increasing prosperity,
and lifting others up in the process.




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Join the Journey to Right Livelihood

There’s a reason you’re on this planet. And there’s an opportunity to claim prosperity in alignment with that reason.

Do you find yourself falling for any of these myths?

  • Do you ever tell yourself that you simply can't make money doing what you love?
  • Do you sometimes feel as though you can have financial success OR you can be happy, but you can't have both?
  • Do you believe that you must sacrifice one for the other because they are mutually exclusive?

We see it all around us, don't we? People staying in careers they hate, stuck in chronic patterns of lack and scarcity. There’s an overarching outlook in our Western Culture toward the "bottom line" at the expense of people, our planet, relationships and our values. It leaves us overworked and overwhelmed as we watch our health and happiness deteriorate…

It's time to shift these false paradigms...

You don’t need to settle for anything less than what you’re here on the planet to do.

It is your time to claim your Right Livelihood.

What is Right Livelihood?

The concept of “Right Livelihood” comes from Buddhism, and is reflected across many other spiritual and cultural traditions. Right Livelihood reframes work as a divine expression of your sacred path, a place to receive prosperity in accordance with your gifts and your service to all of creation.

Living in Right Livelihood is about reorienting ourselves — our businesses, our cells, our relationships — towards the higher realm that we have heard calling, that we have glimpsed.


Living in Right Livelihood may look like...

  • Restructuring your world so that you work a delightful amount of hours, and no more.
  • Spending time with your loved ones in a way that fuels and feeds you – and doesn’t deplete you. 
  • Intentionally building in time for weaving magic deeply into your life.
  • Being connected with your core being, and radiating all your creation from that sacred place.


When you join this program, you'll enter a circle of people who are looking to create a stronger alignment between their work and their inner calling.


  • May be an artist, healer, coach, creative, or business owner. Or you may be a leader in the corporate world or at a non-profit. Aligning with your Right Livelihood is possible whether you are an entrepreneur, or within a traditional working environment.
  • You have achieved a level of success, and live in gratitude for all you have called in… but you want your "real" life to match the inner call you feel.
  • Are willing to make meaningful changes with meaningful actions.
  • Are seeking a community full of support and powerful guidance.
  • Are ready to "walk with a foot in each world.”


  • Lindsay Pera

    In 2017, I joined Journey to Right Livelihood. Lindsay helped me to be proactive in my life, and helped me bring forth my "north star,” my purpose. (Well, “purposes” plural. Turns out I have plenty and they are all related in some way.) JRL helped me create a strong foundation and gainful stability. Every time I join, I am able to evolve the lessons from before. The Divine Timing Mastery [module] was where divinity truly entered my path to the right livelihood that is intended for me — achievable for us all.”


What You Will Learn:
The Three Pillars of Right Livelihood

At the intersection of Soul Purpose and Path, Sacred Commerce, and Leadership and Legacy, we find the sweet spot of Right Livelihood.

This program is a rich, immersive weaving of the Modern Mystics Path and New Paradigm Business Practices.

Pillar #1:
Soul Purpose and Path

Who are you, and what are you here on this planet to do? You’ll set your foundation by getting so clear on the answer that you can’t help but start making the shifts (big and small) towards living your purpose.

Pillar #2:
Sacred Commerce

What can you do to come into better alignment with your income? You don’t have to choose between prosperity and your purpose. We’ll move beyond the crumbling paradigms of capitalism, and look at the origins of exchange and value. This is about redefining success at the intersection of Meaning and Money — feeling soul connected to your work, and making financial abundance from it are not mutually exclusive.

Key Sacred Commerce topics include:

  • Mystic Marketing: Replacing low vibrational “marketing” with high-vibrational “resonance.”
  • Infinite List-building: How to move list-building from a “must do” to a “happens magically” process.
  • Divine Clientele: How to re-vision your “niche” and profile your ideal client in a way that doesn’t feel limiting — it instead helps you expand to the whole of your divinely-aligned audience.
  • Beyond Competition: Custom strategies for eliminating the negative traps inherent to operating your enlightened business online, without stress or fear.
  • Soul-based Sales: How conscious commerce practices shift your sales funnel from a transactional process to a value based expansive exchange.

Pillar #3:
Leadership and Legacy

What kind of legacy will you leave behind? The more you step into your alignment, the more you organically begin to attract others who want the same. We’ll discuss how to step into our leadership and lift others up.

  • Lindsay Pera

    “The Journey to Right Livelihood course ultimately resulted in an adrenaline rush of a-ha’s in my personal and professional life. My day job gained an even greater sense of purpose. And my life as an author became infused with a combination of vision and action which has resulted in oceans of abundance. I am forever grateful to Lindsay.”

    Author, The Amazing Adventures of Selma Calderón:A Globetrotting Magical Mystery of Courage, Food & Friendship

Learn and Grow in Supportive Community

In our supportive container, you'll create your own mystic's map to Right Livelihood. In addition to our foundational content, you’ll also receive:

  • Daily Pulse Digestible Lessons
  • Access to Our Private Virtual Community Forum (not on Facebook)
  • Bonus Gifts!

Our Approach & Values

This is how we will hold you through your journey...

Connect with the Ethers

The Ethers is where life happens and pulls you towards the first step in your transformational journey. This is the pause; the place from which the decision is made or the soul signs up for its journey to get on the path of right livelihood.

Anchor in Your Foundation

The foundation is the anchor to your journey.  Here, you will do your life wheel and the rings. This work helps you understand where you are now and where you are headed.

Lead Your Experience

How do you want to experience your journey? You learn about the beauty way and core routines. What are your desires? How would you like it to unfold?

Understand Energetics

You will learn about energetic practices in the path of the mystics because that’s how you influence the experience. Understanding the energy is important. You will develop an understanding that all things are energy.  You begin to learn basic practices for influencing energy. These practices include bringing energy up or dialing energy down, grounding, amplifying, and running energy. All of these become tools in the tool kit or medicine bag of the modern mystic.

Personal Alchemy Practices

This is where you start making magic. Personal alchemy practices are things like tapping into your own intuition and divination, and connecting with your guides. This is the first step in creating magic in your journey.

Activate Manifestation

You might start from the lens of how the common vernacular thinks of manifestation, which is calling in something you desire.  You will be opening the discussion about how to not just expend and put an intention out to the universe, but to activate the flow. You are doing, being the purpose, the opening, receiving, calling in, and creating the attraction process. The seed gets planted at this point. Manifestation is actually what you do at all times. It is part of your co-creation with the universe.

Create Business Alchemy

Alchemy beyond your own skin or your own front door. It's where you claim your purpose and begin to take to integrate that full medicine wheel, and find how you are meant to shine in the world. You realize what your gifts are and how they are intended to be shared and brought out into your business and your community. This is where you actualize walking the path of right livelihood and sacred commerce.

Outbreath and Integration

This is the closing and integration, allowing and reflection of your journey and claim your mystic mastery in the world.

Your Investment

Please join us if...

  • You are ready to commit to inviting gentle (though transformational) shifts into your daily personal routines, business processes and soul practices.
  • You are excited to bring your unique style, voice and presence to our weekly group mastermind calls and Facebook group.
  • You are open to applying new paradigm techniques to your business to align yourself and your mission to your full purpose and prosperity.

Cost: $888

with generous payment plan options

About Me

I am a guide and facilitator of the life weaving process

As a consultant, business strategist, entrepreneur, intuitive, energy and light worker, mother, wife & lover, homesteader, and curator of a divine life: including experiences, foods, textures, and relationships… I have been a master manifestation artist since I was a child – and I continue to delight in the power of human intention to shape reality – and in the power of women to accelerate and amplify the manifestation process when engaged in divinely guided circles.


Other Mystic Mavens share....

  • Lindsay Pera

    “Lindsay Pera works entirely from her heart. She is utterly authentic in everything she does - from running kick ass events to helping clients to healing her own family. Sure she's smart, business savvy and brilliant with advice, but it's her kindness, intelligence and massive heart that will stay with you.”

    Mastermind Maven | Rethink Retreats

  • Lindsay Pera

    “Lindsay Pera is one of the most resilient and brilliant women I know. She has utilized her commitment to gratitude, and love of life and her family, to valiantly move through many challenging life situations. Lindsay has one of the most brilliant minds I have witnessed, she can take a whole lot of complexity, and create elegant and doable solutions. To boot she has a huge heart and a deeply compassionate nature. She is a trusted friend and I feel honored to have worked with her.”

    Founder & COO | 8 Shields Institute

  • Lindsay Pera

    “Lindsay you are a rare & natural force. Thank you for what you do in the world. Thank you, thank you again for what you helped and supported us to do.”

    Founder & Mentor | Weaving Earth

  • Lindsay Pera

    “Lindsay Pera is a spark of love and connection. Her bright mind with words of encouragement and insight help others to manifest their next steps. Beyond traditional ways of moving forward, her vivid energy and pulse of lifeforce meet another to infuse action and movement. Lindsay is uniquely gifted with a tremendous ability to witness and heal. A sweet concoction of magic and mind -- Lindsay is a rare treat to be savored and experienced for health and wholeness.”

    Community Catalyst | Central Coast Village Center

  • Lindsay Pera

    “Lindsay has phenomenal business acumen and experience combined with powerful spirit guidance and intuitive gifts. What a rare and valuable combination! She has learned how to harness both sides of herself into an unstoppable force for creating conscious yet highly successful businesses. She will help a generation of new spirit-guided business people achieve greater success while embracing and channeling their mystical gifts.”

    Author & Coach | One Hot Mama

  • Lindsay Pera

    “Writing about Lindsay is a real challenge because it is difficult to qualify her unique brilliance with words. Lindsay has one of the most lucent minds I have ever encountered. She is able to distill enormous amounts of chaotic information into crystal clear bite sized morsels. The alchemy she uses to blend her intuitive abilities with her hard earned wisdom and skillful tools is nothing short of magic. I trust Lindsay as a leader, business woman, a guide, a mentor and anything else she would hang her hat on.”

    OT | Institute for Sensory Based Learning

  • Lindsay Pera

    “Listening to varying perspectives represented in a group...bringing a blend of clear mind and astute intuition to this “creative soup”...gleaning commonality from the diverse points of view...organizing then articulating this common ground and next steps for an organization’s growth and well-being––this is how I continue to experience the unique qualities Lindsay Pera brings forward as a group facilitator and organizational consultant. Our nonprofit has entered and moved through many “crossroads moments” with clarity and equanimity, having benefited from her presence and skill.”

    Writer & Mentor | Outside Now

  • Lindsay Pera

    “Lindsay Pera has truly harnessed the power that is connection: connection between her personal life and her profession, her homestead and her community, and within her own body, mind, and spirit. Her ability to create such integration is not only rare and powerful, but also highly efficient and adaptable. With a heart full of gratitude, she has a unique ability to flow seamlessly between worlds of technology and nature, in a beautiful balance, which makes her an accessible influence to many, many people. I am privileged and honored to know her.”

    Symmetry In Motion

  • Lindsay Pera

    “Working with Lindsay is nothing short of inspiring. She is able to tap into sage wisdom and advice from a deep intuitive connection to source energy. She quickly and accurately read my situation, recognized what I needed and provide solutions that were aligned with my divine path to help children heal from chronic illness. Lindsay combines her practical real-world knowledge to help you find creative solutions that help you achieve your goals. She also helped me open my heart to receive the help I needed. Thank you so much Lindsay!!”

    LAC | Kids Love Acupuncture

  • Lindsay Pera

    “In 2017 I joined Journey to Right Livelihood and learned how to hone in on wheeling and dealing from a mystic's perspective. The non-icky way of of the world of entrepreneurship and business that I learned about in college courses but as a modern mystic. Lindsay helped me to see and learn how to be proactive in my life, as well as, how to bring forth my "north star" my purpose, well purposes plural. Turns out I have plenty and they are all related in some way. Stacking functions had me mind blown in the beginning. As an alum I have learned the grace and fine tuning to bring forth the intersections in actions and benefits to myself and in relationship to creating an organization through a non-ephemeral wisp. JRL helped me create a stronger foundation and gainful stability. Everytime I join I am able to evolve the lessons from before. Then the natural progression was to add Divine Timing Mastery and that was where divinity truly entered my path to the right livelihood that is intended for me - achievable for us all. Thank you Lindsay.”

  • Lindsay Pera

    ““The Journey to Right Livelihood course ultimately resulted in an adrenaline rush of a-ha’s in my personal and professional life. My day job gained an even greater sense of purpose. And my life as an author became infused with a combination of vision and action which has resulted in oceans of abundance. I am forever grateful to Lindsay.””

    Author, The Amazing Adventures of Selma Calderón:A Globetrotting Magical Mystery of Courage, Food & Friendship