Manifestation for Business (19)

Join us for this month's Mystic Salon on the topic of Resonance using the "ACAR" model.

1. Navigating SHIFT
2. How Resonance affects how you move through change
3. Tips for finding alignment in these timesst served for you

In each low cost Mystics Salon workshop, Lindsay brings one of the key teachings from her private Mastermind and membership community, the Mystics Society, and shines a light on how to bring that support to you.
Your $8 also gives you access to the entire Library of the Mystics Society for one month, and if you desire to continue to receive the benefits of community membership, you can choose to continue for just $28 / month. 

Join us for this transformative and activating workshop and step onto The Mystics Path. 
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Lindsay is an intuitive strategist and a former Silicon Valley corporate gal with decades long experience in consulting, software and technology. Lindsay is the founder of the Modern Mystics Institute, the Mystics Society, and author of the Mystics Oracle, Almanac and the Mystics Path. She leads this new paradigm business community for emerging leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives, intuitive and healing practitioners that focuses on Right Livelihood and providing tools and insights for changing times. 

No experience is required to join the Salon - just bring a pen and an open mind and be ready for #Shift. We are here to support you and make this work accessible to all who are seeking a new, more aligned and resonant way. 
  • Lindsay Pera

    “The ground around Lindsay is always fertile with insightful inquiry as well as very practical wisdom. ”

  • Lindsay Pera

    “You know when they say when the student is ready, the teacher appears? Well that's EXACTLY what Lindsay Pera has been for me. ”

    Founder of Sacred Worth LLC

  • Lindsay Pera

    “I love that founder Lindsay Pera (and her many partner/leaders) invite all modern mystics to dance at the edge of change, to engage and support each other to raise our powers to an ever-higher level—to reach into our hearts, to stretch our capacity for gratitude, to master the mystic art of manifestation, and to act as leaders for global transformation. ”

  • Lindsay Pera

    “In my 6 months of working with Lindsay, I have increased followership and client engagement, created a communication and email strategy that works, been featured on national level podcasts and had amazing guests on mine. All of this focus and intention has translated to money in my business.”

    Founder & CEO of Beth Wonson and Co.


Monthly Salon Topics

Here's a sneak peak into the months ahead.


A guide and framework on your life's journey


Let Success Come to You


The Transformation Lifecycle


Your KEY to Safe Shift 

Creating RESONANCE using the Resonance ACAR Model


Overcoming Anything

The Gratitude S.E.C.R.E.T.


Lost no More

Clarity in Chaotic Times - The 8 Directions


The Wheel / Rings

Ancient Tool for Manifesting Anything and Everything


The Magic Triangle

Create the Container for your Desires


Turn Envy into Manifestation

The Alchemy of Envy


Your Untapped Powers
The Worry/Knowing Framework


A Map for New Times: The Mystics Manifesto