Alpha to omega, beginning to end and everything in between, this year-long Personally Guided Journey includes everything you need to claim your full purpose, passion and prosperity.

Profitability + Purpose + Deep Connection = Wholeness

Align, activate and amplify to create real time change and near term results.  Stop pushing the boulder up the hill and get on with the transformation.

This 6-month program is designed to fully activate to your potential and vision. No clutter. No noise.  Just Passion + Traction

Q: How am I going to get there and who will support and guide me along the way?

A:  Learn to welcome the flow and power of manifestation that brings opportunity to you.

Alpha and Omega is a Year-Long Mentorship Program for those who are ready to take the challenge of deeply connecting with their life and purpose and are willing to take the steps necessary to shift to a fuller way of living: with purpose, with meaning, with power and joy.

Step into the life that you know you are supposed to be living: a life of meaning, deep connection, aligned with your true purpose and using your most powerful gifts.

Find the support and mentorship to get the results you want, starting right now.

I am passionate about helping successful women step back, re-assess, and find their true purpose that calls on their greatest gifts.

I was on track for a successful life as a tech executive in silicon valley.  I was working to leverage intellectual property at a great start-up, and the sky was the limit.  I was married, with a great house, and a baby on the way.  Then I got sick.  And I stayed sick.  For years, through two more children, through abandonment of my corporate life to a simpler, and hopefully healthier life as a homesteader in Central California, through nearly a decade of bills, debts, and questions.  Until I realized that my illness, finally diagnosed as Chronic Lyme, was also my most important teacher.  And I started to listen.

And I learned.  I learned to how to allocate my energy and resources towards the things that fed me instead of fighting against the things that hurt me.  I learned to trust myself, to listen to my inner voices, and I began to study ways to strengthen them.

I learned to listen, to act, to change, and to heal.

I transformed my life by getting clear about what energized me, by listening deeply, and by taking back control and creating a life I love.

I want to help you do the same.

You do not have to choose between being successful and being fulfilled.
Your life can be full, perfectly full:

  • successful business that supports your lifestyle while making a positive impact on the world
  • Abundant time for self-care
  • Clarity about your purpose here, and the will to make it happen
  • community of like-minded women who support you to show up as the very best version of yourself
  • Connection with nature, yourself, and others

Imagine this

It’s one year from now. You are thriving because you are living your life with intention, with purpose, and with joy. Your actions come from a place of deep clarity and purpose, and as a result they have deep, far-reaching impact.

Our six months together

You will learn to see yourself whole, to identify your personal core values, to structure your goals, and implement.
There are 8 key areas we will focus on during our time together:

  1. Where you are now: see yourself: create your life wheel, track yourself and focus on your life purpose
  2. Where you are headed: vsion, strategy and the journey to get there
  3. Create goals and priorities: what’s important and why
  4. Core routines: practicing effective self-care a + getting the work done
  5. Clearing blocks: releasing, healing, letting go of what doesn’t serve to make room for all that is coming
  6. Bringing success: practicing resonance, receptivity, and aligning with purpose
  7. Manifestation: calling in that which you require
  8. Claiming your leadership and voice: the path ahead

Each six-month program is customized to your unique needs and desires, and will cover the components that are most relevant to you and your business.

Are you ready?

If you would like to connect with me about your specific needs and discuss how to become a private client, please click below to email request a time to talk with me about the program and how it can serve you.


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Find the support and mentorship to get the results you want, starting right now.