I’m so grateful to welcome you here.lindsay

I am all about connection and transformation – and have spent the better part of the last decade pursuing tools, processes and personal routines that support both.

new paradigm business strategy + wellness + personal alchemy and intuitive arts

More about me….

My entrepreneurial journey grew out of two transformative challenges in my life: the experience of being diagnosed with Lyme disease and finding out I had passed it on to my 3 children; and the seemingly conflicting drives of growing my corporate career and developing my natural intuitive gifts. After over 10 years of struggle with my illness, I finally had a major epiphany that my healing would not be an external process of treating symptoms, but an inward journey into seeing myself in a new “whole” way (body, mind, spirit, passion, gratitude, etc).  In that moment, I committed to not spend another dollar on “being sick.” Instead, I would only invest in wellness.

Part of that epiphany also showed me that the apparent conflict between conventional career and intuitive arts was merely a function of misperception.  That in fact my professional growth depended upon developing and integrating my raw intuitive skills.

I think it is vitally important that we open to the power of our innate inner healing, purpose, passion and prosperity and I am honored to be included in the journey of so many.

I do hope you will join us.  Let me know how I can be of service to you on your journey by clicking here.

In gratitude and more…

xo ~ Lindsay

Gratitude to our Mentors and Team…..

the teachers, guides, experts, co-creators, supporters and friends who have inspired our journey, including….
  • Richard Barr – Energetic Master and founder of the Energetic Arts Center
  • Jon Young, 8 Shields Institute & author of Coyote’s Guide
  • Kathleen Lockyer, founder of the Central Coast Village Center (now Outside Now) and Foundations in Nature
  • Gilbert Walking Bull, for his gift of the smudge, his presence and the Deer Story
  • Paul Raphael, for his gift of Peacemaking and his stories
  • Susan Pendergast, Marie McRee, Donna Helete and the Auntie / Sister / Elders of the SLOHana
  • James Stark & Penny Livingston, Regenerative Design Institute
  • Wendy McKenna, Intuitive and founder of the Global Alliance for Balance and Healing, LightShare
  • Our families, communities and friends for seeing us on this quest and blessing us on the journey.
  • Mac  Stewart and our Deep Nature Connection Mentors and guides.
  • Josh Lane, for always asking the potent question, and holding space for the answers
  • Ayman Swaraf, Author of Sacred Commerce

Our Mystic Team

Aaron Baker
Strategic Partner

Sherrie Williams
Operations Manager

Sherri Hayter
Strategy & Creative

Sarah Love
Mystic Apprentice Facilitator

Richard Barr
Energetics Mentor

Vanessa Couto
Mystic Expert Contributor

Donna Helete
Mystic Expert Contributor

Shelly Stone
Mystic Expert Contributor

Josh Lane
Mystic Expert Contributor

Rebecca Kane
Mystic Expert Contributor

Laura Talumbas
Mystic Expert Contributor

Natalie Garay
Mystic Expert Contributor

Claire Hayes
Mystic Expert Contributor

Alisa Auger
Mystic Expert Contributor

Tony Ten Fingers
Mystic Expert Contributor