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What a blessing to welcome Katina Castillo to the team...

Katina Castillo



Passionate Pure Heart, Spiritual Warrior, Earth Guardian, Wisdom Keeper and Priestess for the Goddess

I provide in depth birth chart readings from an Evolutionary Astrology and Indigenous Psychology framework with guidance on how to harmonize your gifts and challenges for higher alignment & optimal fulfillment in relationships, work, health, creativity, legacy & spirituality.

About Katina...

Second generation U.S. born Latina of Mexican, Central American and Greek descent, her personal transformation began with ethnic studies of her cultural histories and travel across Latin America. 

She began praying and engaging in healing ceremonies with sacred plant medicine more than a decade ago and became an Evolutionary Astrologer through seeking accessible and spiritually centered mental health support and tools for deeper, generational, ancestral self-exploration of soul.

Additionally, Katina has studied herbalism and curanderismo for several years, and has a lifelong commitment to physical health as revolutionary praxis. Among her many teachers are precious elders and wisdom keepers she honors from Maya, Mexica, Huichol, Zapotec, Arapaho, Paiute, Diné, O'odham, Lakota, Chumash and Shipibo tribal traditions. Cultural studies, community organizing, popular education, advocacy, holistic health, healing and the arts have defined her life and work.

Katina holds a Masters of Art in Depth Psychology with specialization in Community, Liberation, Indigenous and Eco- Psychologies from Pacifica Graduate Institute and a Bachelors of Art in English with concentration in Folklore and Culture Theory from the University of California at Berkeley.