Resonance and ACAR

Business Alchemy: Resonance and the ACAR Model

Our resonance is the energetic or vibration we are putting out. It is the frequency at which we create - therefore it directly affects the frequency of what we attract.  Putting out a positive ‘vibration’ attracts positivity and visa versa. Let’s briefly walk through the key attributes that affect your resonance and start to identify where you can refine your practice, presence, or message to be in better alignment with your intentions and true path. I call my resonance process “ACAR.”  ACAR is actually a formula

A+ C + A = R Where… A= Authenticity C = Congruence A =  Alignment R= Resonance

How well you know yourself, how you project yourself and show up in the world, and how you align to your intention or audience affects how you are received by the world and what you will receive from the world. Resonance is thus a two-way street, a feedback cycle.  What you put out to the world is reflected back to you, strengthening your output, causing a stronger reflection, and so on.  This can lead to unimaginable flow, or it can reinforce blocks and negative patterns.  Thus our intention is the foundation for our ACAR practice. The intention is to show up authentically, to truly know yourself, your desire, and your audience, to align yourself and your message in a positive way because your “resonance” -- how you are received by others -- is not just the way you show up, or the images you use to convey your thoughts or the actual words you choose, but it is a reflection of the energy, tone, and intention behind it all.

At it’s most simple, your resonance is what people are picking up, feeling, or sensing underneath, or behind what you are putting out there.  It also goes much deeper, to subtle levels of resonating with what the world needs, what the world is calling forth from you.

Your resonance is a subtle reveal of the inner workings of your heart, mind and actions.

Initially, our resonance work begins with practices like life wheelwork and a gentle but disciplined dedication to our core routines.  These practices develop self-awareness and strengthen our ability to apply intention to our lives.  Only then are we ready to move on to ACAR - because the cold hard truth is there is no faking or rushing this.

The cold hard truth is there is no faking or rushing resonance…

I’m sure we can all think of examples where a person is saying or doing all of the “right” things but the resonance is just wonky.  Something is off.  When that “something” is not resonating you can use the ACAR model to identify where the problem may be - and then set about setting it right.

ACAR validates the adage that you should always “walk your talk.”

It supports the call to “show up authentically or not at all.” ACAR can be applied to anything - but is especially effective in the business alchemy space when applied to the written or spoken word.  Applying ACAR to emails, website copy, sales pages, talks, or workshops allows you to use it as a divination tool - it can show you exactly where you might be off - or not as fully aligned as you’d like to be - so that you can make adjustments and improve your resonance in all kinds of ways. This is the stuff that gets the attraction process really flowing. This is the stuff that starts bringing the goodness TO you. xo Lindsay -- All things Mystic... 

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So what do you think?  Has Resonance and ACAR eluded you? And are you ready to create a shift in your relationship to success and money?  I'd love to hear more in the comments below...