So much has been written about manifestation, abundance, and the Law of Attraction since the release of Rhonda Byrne's book, The Secret, that I needn't go into it here.  What I feel called to illuminate, however, are some lesser-known practices for the process of transmuting your intention into form.

Intention is a keyword here.  (def)




1. a thing intended; an aim or plan.

"she was full of good intentions"

Beyond even intention, is desire. (def)




1. a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.

"a desire to work in the dirt with your bare hands"


1. strongly wish for or want (something).

"he never achieved the status he so desired"

Getting clear on your desires, your true heart calling, and then crafting your intentions to allow for the physical embodiment of those desires is powerfully effective.  

There are some great texts you can find that predate The Secret that I love.  Wallace D. Wattles Science of... trilogy, for example, is an absolute favorite (Science of Getting Rich, Being Great, and Being Well).  But you can go back to Benjamin Franklin and beyond to find great minds elaborating on the process of curating the moments of your life to enable the attraction of what you wish to come into form in your life.  

Manifestation is something you have been doing your whole life, whether consciously or not. But like any other craft, the more conscious you are of it, the more awareness you bring to the practice, the more powerful it becomes in your life.

I had my first unexplained spontaneous manifestation experience when I was five - and it served as a bridge for me to maintain into adulthood the inherent belief of children in the possibility of all good things coming to them that is so often lost to us as adults.

We moved to Geneva Switzerland when my parents were transferred to work.  I was really lonely so I made a "friend" out of cardboard boxes and paint and stuff and named him Joseph.  I hung out with Joseph for weeks until starting at our new French-speaking / International pre-school. 

Manifestation is something you have been doing your whole life, whether consciously or not.

When the first day of school finally came, I was seated next to the nicest, sweetest little kid - also new - a boy who looked just like my "imaginary cardboard friend" - glasses and dark hair and all - and his name.....Joseph. 

That was the first time I really went....whoa! Cool. Experience a desire (to have a  friend). state the desire (I want a friend mom, can I have some cardboard..) Actually take the steps to DO something about it (create cardboard friend) - then enjoyed what WAS with total lack of attachment and then wow. The Universe gives you a nod that you are part of the co-creative process.

From there it seemed like a game to me. I would manifest candy, movies, opportunities, it made my siblings annoyed with me and in some ways set me off on a different path from them. 

No matter how many time in my life I have been told

“That can’t happen”


“Good luck with that”


“There she goes again”

…when stating my intention or belief in a certain thing or event unfolding, I’ve held open my intention for manifestation. From jobs to jewelry to crystals to the homestead I live on, the house that we built, the school that my children attend (right down to the 5 acres, the creek and the description “Montessori / Waldorf blend” which were words I used to describe my “ideal” school for years before we even moved out to the country and discovered this magical little school existed), so much has come to me, and for this I am eternally grateful.

I have been a potent manifestation artist all my life and there is nothing I enjoy more than illuminating the process, inspiring hope and action in others, and helping them remove the barriers to attracting exactly that which is alignment with their intentions and highest good.

Quite simply, I LOVE this stuff. And it’s so fun to watch it take form.  Seeing blessings and magic magnetize to the ones around you is just plain AWESOME.  So the more we can practice and model this stuff the better.

I hope you enjoy it. I would love to see you chime in in the group and share a little about your own processes for manifestation.  The more we speak our intentions and plans OUT LOUD the more the Universe conspires to make it so.  So please don’t hold this stuff in.  

Here’s to Mystic Manifestation and the magic it brings to all who access it!

More about the Manifestation Lifecycle

If there is one thing I would like to accomplish it would be to encourage others to claim their birthright to magic and manifestation. 

Manifestation is not simply about attracting material objects or wealth (though it can be!) but it is actually as simple as how you create your every moment, every breath while on this earth. 

Manifestation is Co-creation - it is how we engage with the Universe (or Nature, or the Divine - you choose!) and create in alignment with our desires and intentions. 

Manifestation is your birthright - with every thought and action you put wheels in motion (both seen and unseen) that either bring you closer or sometimes further, for your vision, dreams, and desires. 

Understanding the Manifestation process is key to engaging with it in a way that aligns you with your purpose and path.  

To the realization of your divine path and purpose.

In gratitude,


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Lindsay wants to live in a world where appreciation flows freely, kids play outdoors and lemons are in season year-round. As a Mystic mama, tech entrepreneur, and wellness “Inspirer-in-Chief” she's a sought after contributor and motivator on all topics health, healing, and transformation. When she is not extolling the virtues of self-tracking or “Resonance” based business, you can find her knocking almonds and generally getting her gratitude on. Lindsay's new paradigm business community, The Mystic’s Society, is a safe haven for entrepreneurs weaving magic into their *work* in the world.

Join in the magic.

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