May The Force Be With You


Do you find you go through surges and waves of productivity?

What stops you from getting things done? Sometimes I figure out that some of my most productive days are ones where I let go of pushing toward a goal and relentlessly trying to make it happen. If there is too much resistance and everything is going all wrong, I know the timing is not my timing but divine timing. I must push against my tendency to get distracted or procrastinate in order to fulfill an aim that I had for the day. I now understand that divine timing means the presence of….The Third Force, and may have nothing to do with timing at all but my awareness of the interaction of three important forces. Being blind to the Third Force can create a lot of havoc in our lives. We can try all we want to make something happen, but if there is not recognition of the Second Force, a reaction to the action, that pushes against the affirming force, plus a resulting Third Force of reconciliation we will not get the results we want For any endeavor to have a result, an outcome, a new direction or level, there must be three forces present, the affirming, the denying and the reconciling. The First Force is known as positive, masculine, yang, active or affirming, The Second Force can include negative, feminine, yin, passive, receptive or denying. We never hear much about the Third Force which is the reconciling and neutralizing factor and all three must be present for actualization of a process. We just don’t notice it and keying into this can change everything for you. sufi enneagramIf you look at an Enneagram, a symbol of process, the triangle represents the Sacred Law of Three. These are points 0(9), 3 and 6. This law can be studied unto itself and can work in conjunction with the Law of Seven, represented by the hexagram superimposed on top. In context of the Law of seven, this triangle indicates points of reception from Forces outside of a process. Of course, many people have come to know the Enneagram from the personality enneagram, and if you look it up in Wikipedia, you unfortunately only get that definition. This has nothing to do with the Enneagram brought to the West by G. I. Gurdjieff. It was an ancient symbol used by Wisdom Schools and Central Asian Brotherhoods for the very purpose of studying process and Sacred Alchemy of Transformation. The Law of Three unto itself works everywhere in our lives. Have you ever noticed when you push and push to make something happen and get nowhere, but the minute you give up, let go, and accept, it somehow miraculously comes together? That is the Third Force in action. You can’t remember a word or name and it comes to you the minute you quit trying. Writer’s block, that gives way to a flood of ideas. A relationship that begins to flourish after much misunderstanding and fighting. Money that appears where before there was none. Dissipation of reaction, anxiety and worry. The Third Force comes in if both the Affirming and Denying Forces are present. If we can become familiar with these first two forces and use them properly, the Third Force is activated. yinyangWe must learn to be present with the yes and the no, seeing both the positive and negative sides of our nature pushing against each other in the same moment. One of the most important things I discovered was that Self Observation can be the Second Force to push against my “comfort zone”. That comfort zone may be defined as how I constantly judge myself and others. It may be how I work myself to death in order to feel a sense of accomplishment. It may be procrastinating to the point that guilt overwhelms me. I know that sounds more like misery than comfort, but that is where I am caught if I don’t observe it. My habitual unconscious behavior of constantly evaluating my actions as good or bad is where I live unless I push against it with the effort to observe these shenanigans. Learning how to observe, through conscious effort creates an intentional Second Force. It is the quintessential definition of Mindfulness. That buzz word, Mindfulness, is omnipresent right now, but is there an understanding of how to do it, what it is, and how it works??? We believe it is to relieve symptoms of suffering like worry, insomnia, anxiety, but we don’t really know how to be present and make that happen. It isn’t about keeping your focus. It is an expanded awareness and the ability to objectively observe without trying to change anything. This way you stay in the feeling you think is “bad”; that you think you shouldn’t have; or that you must change. If you go to the place of needing to change it, you have stepped out of the realm of Observation and remain in the First Force only. When you stay with “negative emotion”, it is “uncomfortable”, and that very discomfort, that intentional suffering, creates the exact cocktail for freedom from it. It is the thing that will enable you to manifest. It is the thing that will put you in the right vibratory dimension to attract abundance. This is how to cocreate your life. This is the presence of…The Third Force. This is why Luke Skywalker had to learn to understand his anger in order to let go to a higher order for the Force to become effective. Our Self Acceptance is created by an effort to accept what we see in a present moment without trying to change it. When that is achieved, the Third Force moves in and one experiences freedom from the lotus flower Pick an aim each day that may be a little difficult for you. Start to notice and identify what you think are the subtle denying forces that come into play. It may be your procrastination or distractions. Notice how the Third Force comes into effect and what you did or didn’t do to allow it. Let me know in the comments below your experience with “getting things done” and what the Third Force looks like to you. Some great resources for learning about the enneagram are Enneagram Studies by John Bennett, and Achieve the Impossible by Steffan Soule. Good luck this week and… May The Force Be With You. Molly   me smiling water headshot copyMolly Knight Forde,  professional classical pianist and international spiritual mentor, leads people to personal freedom using wisdom teachings and unique mindfulness methods practiced out in the world, not just on the cushion. As founder of the Awareness School, she teaches the Art of Self Observation and has been facilitating global retreats, courses as well as one on one mentoring for over 15 years. Her CD’s The Art Of Dance as well as French are available on Her greatest wish is to contribute to the New Epoch by assisting individual transformation through expanded awareness, meditation, Sacred Dance and music.    

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