Right Livelihood

I try to always show up 100 percent authentically with what is real, alive, and true for me in my thoughts, words, and actions.  While planning content for the Mystic’s Society, I realized I kept using the word ‘success’ in my writing, particularly personal financial success, and how it fits into the picture of sacred commerce.  I hear so many women who say, “I feel stuck in my job, my life, my business…,” “I want to make more money,” or “I want to be more successful.”

My business partner Aaron had a very visceral reaction to holding out success, or even sacred success as the goal of the work we were doing with people. We realized that a focus on success could actually interfere with the processes of personal, spiritual, and financial growth we were working to foster with our clients.

Yes, financial security and stability are important, and I realize that focusing on success can lead into a destination based thinking. When we’re focused entirely on the destination, we lose the present moment awareness of the journey. This tension between being present and striving towards a goal sparked a deeper inquiry around the concept of Right Livelihood.

This inquiry asks us to consider:

What is the impetus for our goal?

What happens if/when we achieve the goal?

What or who does it serve?

So much of the work we are doing is to help people align with their divine purpose. This alignment allows resources to flow including energy, money, connections, even magic. All of these resources culminate towards divine living in accordance with our sacred purpose.

That is Right Livelihood.

Right Livelihood is the present moment energy that allows the universe to funnel energy through you in alignment with your divine purpose. As you calibrate yourself to that journey, you begin to experience returns in new ways.  You shift old patterns of scarcity, lack of illness and move out of recurring patterns of interpersonal struggle. Instead of being stuck, your life begins to move in synchronous harmony.

Right Livelihood evokes a tremendous feeling. It is the unbelievable blessing of waking up in the morning and knowing you are really clear about who you are. You are really clear about what you are on the planet to do and you’re doing it.

You are experiencing a journey that, while not free from burdens and challenges, is generally vibrating at a higher frequency of ease and grace. Previously undiscovered doors are opening for you. There is light, wonder, creativity, joy, and ultimately connection.  This connection comes from knowing yourself deeply, and being connected to yourself, the planet, others, and spirit.

There are three main components to Right Livelihood

~ Aligning to your Soul Purpose and Path - (Knowing what you are here to do)

~ Sacred Commerce - (Getting compensated really well to do it)

~ New Paradigm Leadership (Claiming your light and letting yourself be seen in your gifts)

Each of these components has many facets, but together they move you into the alignment of an abundant life doing the things you were put in this lifetime to do.

This journey includes steps that many of you in the Mystics will be familiar with.

Seeing yourself as whole

Discovering practical ways you can build that authentic picture of yourself,

Getting clear on how you support the container of your life wheel and rings.

Creating prisms around what you desire and who you are.

Influencing the flow of energy

All of these lead to the experience of no longer feeling you are alone at the wheel of this journey. Instead, you’re in divine co-creation with spirit and in alignment with who you are and how you bring your gifts to others. You’re experiencing an abundance from the universe, feeling present and receiving returns based on energy and connection.

You’re no longer stuck. You are creating financial support. You feel energized in your job, career, or business because you’re clear about how your unique self is using the experience as a funnel through which your divine purpose is made manifest in the world.

Right Livelihood, put simply, is the ability to feel great about what you do, to know you are on your path, and to make a great living doing it.

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So what do you think?  Has Right Livelihood eluded you? And are you ready to create a shift in your relationship to success and money?  I'd love to hear more in the comments below...