The Practical Side to Tarot: A Life Coach's Approach

There are so many myths surrounding Tarot. One of them is that it is completely magical and mystical and other-worldly. Where that is true, we don’t realize that there is also a very real and practical and THIS-worldly side to it as well.

Tarot shows us the journey of humans that is transcendent of time and space. It shows us the ups and downs, the challenges and celebrations, the motivations and resistance that we all face in our lives.

To me, these are Universal Truths … regardless of the family you were born into, or the culture you were raised in, there are realities of being human that we invariably will experience in our lives.

Tarot to me is a tool for awareness - to help us make choices, to provide an opportunity to connect to our own internal knowing (intuition) and to be more intentional when it comes to our desires and decisions.

When I read the cards for someone, it is offering a reflection. YES, there is some mystery in how those specific cards happened to be chosen for this specific person … yet even if the cards are not outright ‘spot on’, they are giving us something to think about and gauge against to see how true that reflection is.

Tarot inspires us to take a deeper look at our lives and the situations we are in.

There is another myth that I want to break up which is that Tarot paints the picture of your future - what is presented is written in stone because it is your destiny.

YOU are the only one that creates your destiny. As humans we have free will and choice. God/Goddess/Spirit/Universe would not have it any other way, that is how we were created after all … with that gift of choice.

Tarot gives you a picture of where you are and where you are headed, given your current outlook and scenario. However, you can change that at any time. If you like where you are headed, awesome, keep going! If you don’t like it, or it doesn’t serve you, do something different!

The way I like to view Tarot is that it is a crystal clear mirror … I get shown where I am at, what my current challenges or obstacles may be, where I am headed, and what the opportunities are if I am wanting to travel in a different direction.

It’s all in service of your best life, the life that works for you and your highest good!

I LOVE when my clients ask questions because then we can use Tarot to get to the root of what is present and formulate options, or best case scenarios, toward their dream life!

So I will leave you with this … you are the ultimate driver of your life (The Chariot Card) and you get to decide the course your life takes. Think of Tarot as the GPS system on your journey, as opposed to the ticket to your final destination.

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