Mystic Motherhood

I recently shared on the Mystics Facebook page a post addressing the concept of the “Village Ideal.” This ideal suggests it “takes a village” to raise a child. But in today’s world, it is a rare mom who actually has a village to rely on. Somewhere between “It takes a village” and today’s picture of single moms struggling to make a better world for their children is a new (or ancient?) mothering paradigm I call Mystic Motherhood. Mystic Motherhood demands both an intentional inquiry into our own personal parenting experience and the creation of an intentional community to support and augment our parenting journey.

Young children are natural seekers and learners, engaged with the world around them. But it seems the children coming forth in our time are asking us to meet them at a higher level. They are asking us to listen more deeply, connect more intimately, and meet them on a different energetic plane. They are asking for mutual respect, connection, and honoring. How do we meet these needs?

Mystic Motherhood encourages mothers to step out of the boundaries society has placed on women and children and into the world of reconnection and manifestation of the mystic family. And we need to.

For those of you who are on the Mystic journey, this means exploring the concepts you’ve learned such as Awareness, Core Routines, Energetics, Ritual, Nature, and Ceremony from the lens of the mother.

Mystic Motherhood reminds us to actively seek awareness of ourselves, our children, and how we integrate with the world around us. Quiet Mind, Sit Spot, and Tracking are three awareness exercises mothers can use to break out of the busyness and demands society places on today’s parents, and instead to drop into our children’s world, which, when we allow ourselves to experience, proves to be a world of real magic and wonder that doesn’t acknowledge the kinds of rules we are used to living by.

What core routines can you transform to be in more alignment with the needs of you and your children, and build a solid connection every day? Chop Wood, Carry Water becomes Change Diapers and Carry Everything You Might Need while seeing the sacred service of each step.

And how do we connect? Today’s children are intuitively more aware of the energetic dance that surrounds us, and that we are exploring as mystics. Start to develop a vocabulary with your children that allows you to speak about energetics. When you find rocks in your child’s pockets, see them not as dirty gravel, instead, acknowledge them as sacred talismans of Mother Earth.

Build an intentional community around mothering by incorporating ritual and ceremony into your family life. One of the most powerful ceremonies I’ve incorporated recently was the celebration of my middle daughter’s Rite of Competency. This celebration included aunties, sisters, grandmothers, and other women who were special to my daughter. Imagine what it means for a young one to be so clearly seen and lovingly honored. At my daughter’s ceremony, her Grammy honored her with a gift that celebrated her “owl eyes” and “fox feet.”

If you are new to the Mystic world, there’s a simple way to begin to weave these concepts into your family interactions – just add nature.  Read their bedtime story outside, better yet, tell stories about the things you see and hear about you: the trees, stones, flowers, or animals. Use examples of nature to explain lessons. Play outside with your children.  Connecting your children with nature helps pave the way for other mystic practices and builds respect and a sense of honoring for all life.

I’d love to share more with you about Mystic Motherhood and to go deeper into ways we can nurture a sense of wonder and connection in our next generations. Our Mystic Motherhood bundle is available now!

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