The Magic Triangle

What does magic mean to you?

Watch children at play and you’ll probably see one pick up a stick and twirl it around, proclaiming, “This is my magic wand!” Magic is so accessible to children, the flick of a finger can cast a love spell, and a glass of juice becomes a potion.  As we mature, magic becomes something we watch in movies, not something we experience in our daily lives.

I am a business woman who creates apps, facilitates strategy and follows the bottom line. I am also a Modern Mystic who hosted a summer Magic School that was beyond fun and delightful. Yes, those two worlds live in the same adult!

Let me tell you a story of how I let magic back into my life.

It was a moment in my journey with chronic illness, a dark night of the soul. My family and I had hit rock bottom. We were tapped out financially, emotionally, energetically, and physically.  Driving along the central coast on the way to see another health care specialist for my daughter, I felt a loss of hope.

Then, I looked out the window.

The sun was setting in the west over the Santa Cruz Mountains. My life was bleak, but the clouds were illuminated by the setting sun, casting magic over the landscape. I took a picture of that sunset and posted it on Facebook. I called it 365 days of gratitude, day one. A well spring of hope and gratitude is a powerful thing, and it inspired me to post something I was grateful for each day, even when things were falling apart. 

I’ve been doing it for six years now.

That one post created the magic needed to bring back my hope, and help me find my way through the dark night. Since then, the magic has continued. I’ve witnessed amazing things and others have been inspired by my practice to start their own gratitude practice.

This is magic to me.

Like so many of us who had imagination, play and wonder as children, I grew up and began to separate from my intuition. I stepped away from my intuitive side and relied on strategies, analytics and traditional sensory perception. 

But over time, I couldn't help feeling a sense of disconnection, of something lacking in my life.  When faced with those serious family health challenges, I found that my conventional tool set couldn't cope.  Just as with my instinct to look to gratitude, I began to look inwards, to come out of my Mystic closet, to own my connection to inner knowing and to begin talking about the word ‘magic.’

Magic has been connected with witches and other-worldly things, and co-opted by Disney as all fairyland and make believe.  I believe magic is around us all the time and it’s our choice to see it and engage in it.

From the beauty of a sunset to the transformative power of a child’s laughter, the truth is - magic is not something of fairy tales and Disney movies. It is a real life force and way of being that anyone can access, if they desire.

Some call it synchronicity, grace, or luck, miracles, wonky things, wild things or something that is off the hook cool.  You don’t need a special doctrine or way. You don’t need a guru or witch to teach you. We all have the ability to access this thing called magic, every day. It just takes effort, commitment, and intention.

As we connect to ourselves, the earth, unseen realms, and each other, we activate into magic naturally. It’s part of our original instructions.

The Magic Triangle is a framework I use in the Mystic’s Society and Masterminds for cultivating awareness and supporting modern Mystics to create magic in any context. The Magic Triangle consists of three points: Intention, Container and Creation.

Intention:  What is your desire?  What are you holding in your mind’s eye that you want to create? What is your intention for that creation? Examples of an intention could be manifesting love, starting a family, bringing in abundance, healing, or making any kind of life change. It’s important for your intention to be clear, exact and specific.  Write it down, create an intention board, draw it, paint it, whatever feels right for you to become clear about what you really want. 

Container:  Every idea needs a container to bring it into the physical world. A container could be a website, a room or office, or an empty wallet.  Crystal grids are great as containers for holding energetic intentions.  An event, retreat or meetup can be a container.  How will you create and manage the container for your intention to manifest?

Creation:  Creation is using your life force energy to take action. We can sit around all day dreaming of our intention and holding our container, but real magic needs action to bring it into form. Creation has two components: aligned action and alchemy.

Aligned action means the steps we actually take in alignment with who we are, our values, and the conscious intention we have set. It can mean showing up for work, sending a newsletter, setting up a grid, or calling that special person and inviting them for coffee.

Alchemy is where we invite the magic by creating the space and the structure for the magic to happen. This is where we look at things differently, mystically. What’s on the other side? What rituals am I engaged in? How could I shift something to allow the magic to happen? Have I used the beauty way to create sacred space?

The modern Mystic makes alchemy via a combination of the intention and the container. It’s how we invite the new and make room for the magic to happen. This is the really fun part! Play with it. Challenge your assumptions. Step into the space with an open heart to all possibilities.

I want to share one more thing, and this is important.

Do you have a magic medicine bag?

Every good magician has a bag of tricks to help make magic happen. What’s in yours? Do you have a wand, potions, or spells?

Before you say, “No,” let me share a few things in my own magic medicine bag: crystals and feathers (wands), affirmations (spells), essential oils and flower essences (potions). The possibilities are endless….


Are you a Modern Mystic or wanting to learn more about being a Modern Mystic. Join Lindsay in the Mystics Magic School.