Potions are everywhere, from libations to healing oils to herb infused teas and healing essences! We’ve all read children’s stories of love potions, sleeping potions, and sinister poison potions, and we still have them today. Take a look around your home, favorite health food store or the internet for the many ways potions express themselves such as:

-essential oils for healing and soothing

-flower essences for emotional and spiritual healing and alignment

-tinctures and remedies for symptom or pain relief

-infused waters that hold and deliver the charge of any intention or desire

Today’s potions may not turn toads into princes, but they hold many potent powers. A good potion is often lovely and sparkly. Potions provide healing, clean and clear energy and make you feel lighter, more grounded and aligned.

I love creating potions for myself and my family and I try to include my kids as often as possible. Their spontaneity and fun make them naturals at making potions. I have potions we’ve created for calming, sweet dreams, abundance, love, synchronicity and more. No need for a medicine cabinet anymore; our family pantry is our apothecary.

Making potions is fun and super easy. First, like with any magic, get clear on your intention and desired result from the potion. What type of potion will best serve your intention? Herbal tea, infused or essential oils, flower essence, gem infusion or herbal lemonade?

Infused waters are an easy potion to begin with.  You can infuse your water with crystals, flowers or herbs.

Regardless of the type of potion you decide to make, be sure to consider these key tips.

-The vessel: use the loveliest vessel you can. Be sure it is clean, sparkly and inviting. I love vases, etched bottles, and colored bottles. Each bring their own magic into the alchemy.

-The medium and ingredients: your potion is only as good as the medium you use. Start with the best quality water available. Go organic whenever possible. Use fresh ingredients that are consciously harvested, free of chemicals, spray and environmental residue.

-Tend your potions. Treat your potions as the sacred containers of intention that they are. I keep my potions in a beautiful barn wood apothecary box in a sacred space I can tend and keep free of toxic energies or influences.  I charge our potions monthly by the full moon to keep the energies alive and clarified.

-When to release a potion: Water potions keep their charge for a couple of days. Spirit based potions can last weeks or months, even years depending on the spirits. If you are making herbal tinctures, salves or lotions, refer to a trusted source or local herbalist for guidance on healthy tending. When your potions are ready to be released, give them back to the mother earth with respect. It’s time to create a new one!

You can amplify your potions by touching the point of your wand to the potion’s vessel and holding contact until you feel the energy exchange is complete.

Not sure what ingredient to use?  Use your pendulum! Pendulums are awesome at informing potion creation in alignment with your intention and desires.

The Magic Triangle approach to creating a potion

In BREATH: Take a deep breath and ground yourself. Visualize your roots and place yourself intentionally in the here and now.

Intention: Clear your energy and any bias you may have, open a clear channel for sacred inquiry and clarify your intention. Establish connection with your highest self as you enter into the creation of your potion.

Container: The container includes the vessel in which you create the potion. The actual potion is the container for delivery of the magic and intention of the potion.

Creation: Aligned action is going through the steps of creating the potion. Assembling ingredients, mixing and housing the potion in its vessel. Alchemy comes with charging your potion, blessing it, or offering an invocation. Sing to your potion, let it rest on your altar or in your meditation spot. Charge your potion under the full moon.

Out BREATH: Take another deep breath and clear your work space. Return your energy to the here and now. Label, care and tend to your potion, and enjoy the magic you have created.


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