The Most Potent Magic of All

I hope you’ve been having fun with the latest posts on Mystic Magic. Finding magic in life can be healing, inspirational and extremely transformational! 

Wands, pendulums and potions are an easy and delightful way to experiment with magic in your everyday world, and add a little sparkle to any project or event.

Today I’d like to share the most potent magic of all – Spells!

Spells are all around us. They are the single most prevalent and potent form of magic we access every day. Spells have the power to inspire, activate and manifest.

But, they also have a shadow side.

When using spells, it’s extremely important to use them within your Magic Triangle. Without clear intention, clear containers and clear creation, spells have the power to hurt others and to hurt yourself.

A spell is a group of words containing magic powers. Types of spells include mantras, affirmations, prayers, blessings, toning, songs, poetry, chants, oracles, symbols, and art. Spells don’t have to spill from the mouths of fairy godmothers or wicked witches, and here’s the most important thing to remember:

A spell can be cast whenever you speak your words!

Take a moment to think about what spells you cast daily.

“I love you.”

“Thank you.”

“I hate you.”

“I am beautiful and sacred.”

“I suck at everything I do.”

Please be conscious with your words (spells)!

An easy way to experiment with intentional spells is to make a mantra for yourself. Here’s my very own Right Livelihood mantra: “Energy, in the form of money, vitality and resonance, pools around me with ease and grace while I enjoy my love, light, connection, and magic filled life and as I journey, I inspire others to receive as well.”

Another good mantra is the Thanksgiving Address!

Perhaps the most important spell you cast is your STORY. I truly believe we are creating our story with every breath, word and action. So much of the manifestation potential we hold is held within our story and how we tell it to ourselves and others.

Is the story you carry simply familiar, comfortable and safe? Why not tell your story from a lens that is positive, uplifting and inspiring? Your story is as powerful as any tool in your medicine bag. It has the potential to hold you back, keep you stuck in past wounds, or continue limited thinking.

And, it also has the infinite power to set you free, ignite your passion and unleash your potential!

(Pretty powerful spell, right?)

When I was 24 years old and starting my first job for one of the “Big 6” Management Consulting firms in San Francisco, I was reading a magazine article on my lunch break. One of those time out of time moments happened.  The article was a one page piece about how you tell your story.  

The part that stuck with me the most implored the reader to take control of their story. I tore out the page of the magazine and have kept it with me all these years. The gist of the article was this:

“Your life IS your story.  You are the writer, the director and the star of the show. So what will it be? Will it be a tragedy?  A drama?  Or a hero’s tale?”

Remember your Magic Triangle:

-In BREATH: Ground yourself with a deep breath. Visualize your roots and place yourself intentionally in the here and now.

-Intention: What is your intention for your words? Does your intention serve your highest good, and the highest good of all?

Container: You are the container! You hold your story. The container can also be the situation in which you are speaking your words, the event, the conversation, the song, the poem.

Creation: Aligned action - How will you create your words?  What tone will you use? What body language will you include? What is the timing of your spell? Alchemy – What can you add to make your words more powerful, a crystal, a wand, a picture?

-Out BREATH: Clear your energy. Release expectations or attachments to the outcome of your spell. Give thanks to the universe for hearing your words. And, so it is.

It all starts with awareness - then consciously choosing the words and intentions to fit the story you truly want to tell - the story you truly want to live.  

Do not underestimate the way in which your STORY is a part of your magic. Use it for good friends, for yourself and others.  


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