Wands are everywhere!

Recently, I wrote a post about The Magic Triangle and allowing magic back into our lives. In that post, I mentioned a few items in my Magic Medicine Bag, like magic wands.

A wand is an implement or tool used to perform a desired intention or action.

Wands are everywhere in our modern world. There are wands for healing, activating and amplifying as well as wands to signify importance or power. The truth is – many modern professions have a version of a wand they employ for various functions.

There are wands used in healing such as lasers, diagnostic wands (thermometers), or ultrasound wands. In the corporate world, we use laser pointers and metal pointers to call in information during meetings and presentations.  The court system uses a wand (gavel) to keep order in the court room.

We had an agricultural well put in at Hawks’ Perch and the drilling company not only used GPS and topographical maps to site the well, they used dowsing rods as well.  Dowsing rods are essentially copper or wooden wands tuned to identify underground water sources.

The more we open our eyes to look for them, the more wands we see all around us.

Wands can be made of any substance, glass, wood, metal, feathers, wire, or ceramic.  My kids have ribbon wands, wands made with sticks and crystals, and terminated crystal point wands.

The important thing is not what the wand is made of, it’s how you use it.

Getting started is easy. First, pick out a wand or create one of your own.  Hold your wand and get the feel of it.  Is it smooth, curvy, or textured?  Does it fit in your hand? Is it simple or ornately decorated? What do the decorations, colors or crystals on your wand mean to you?

Meditate with your wand and begin to charge it with your energy and intention. If you received your wand from someone else, take time to clear the energy by smudging or letting it sit in sunlight or moonlight.  Always keep your wand clean, clear and well protected from outside energies. You may want to set up a special place for your wand to rest between uses. Many wands love being in contact with the earth.  Take yours outside and let it breathe the fresh air.  Set it in the grass to soak up the powerful rooted manifestation energies of Mother Earth.

Use your wand to amplify your desires. Amplify the energy and intention of your crystals by touching the point of your wand to the crystals and holding contact until you feel the energy exchange is complete. Trust your intuition, there’s no right or wrong way when you come with clear energy and intention. Amplify you daily intentions by writing the words in the air with your wand. Trace the lines of writing, yours or someone else’s, with your wand to amplify the message. Clear, charge or bless any object with your wand such as your home, your car, even your wallet!

Your wand can be used to amplify the power of your Magic Triangle through these steps:

~ In BREATH: Ground yourself with a deep breath. Visualize your roots (earthly and etheric) and place yourself intentionally in the here and now.

INTENTION: Clarify your intention. Establish connection with your wand - pick it up, connect with its energy, take a moment to feel into it.

CONTAINER - Perhaps a grid, a crystal, your home, wallet etc. Get clear on the object or container you wish to infuse with your intention.

CREATION - now is where you take action. Remember the “Creation” step has two parts. 

First: Aligned Action - use the wand to physically touch, charge or trace the object or container.

Second; Alchemy - the wand itself does the Magic. You can boost the effects by leaning into your fun playful energy, by visualizing, singing, or creating any ritual or routine that feels right and good to you. Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother used her wand in conjunction with the words “Bibbity Bobbity Boo!” I love to use the words “and so it is…and so it is…and so it is…”

~ Out BREATH - Clear your wand, give thanks for its service. Place it back in its special spot and release the connection. Return it to “rest.” 

Like any relationship, your relationship with your wand will get stronger, clearer and more potent. Respect your power and trust the power of your work together making magic. There is no limit to the magic you can weave.


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