Aligning to Your Soul Purpose and Path

On the journey to Right Livelihood, the first step, Aligning to Your Soul Purpose and Path, can be your biggest challenge. Your soul purpose and path is an understanding of who you are, what you are here to do, and the process you will use for the journey.

There are some who come into this life knowing their purpose. A five-year-old might say, “I want to be a heart surgeon.” All through school, this young one is delighted to learn math, chemistry, biology, and eventually fulfills the dream.

For others, it’s not that simple. Their journey might be a mixed bag of different paths. My energetics mentor, Richard Barr, is an example of the mixed bag approach.

“You can choose one path and just jump in, or you can be like me,” he said. “You can choose 20 different paths and do them all a little bit until you finally figure out that what you are doing is putting this vessel in a lot of different places to see how it works.”

For many of us, there isn’t one job or career that is meant to fulfill your life purpose. Perhaps you are here to experience unconditional love.  You can do that being a clerk at Walmart, being a heart surgeon, a school teacher, or a maintenance mechanic. Experiencing unconditional love isn’t a job, it’s a purpose. 

My own story is an example of a mixed bag approach leading to a higher purpose.

I'm a technophile with a chronic illness, so it's no surprise that I became interested in the intersection of these two worlds.  The topics of wellness, technology, apps, and tracking all came together with my early businesses Chronic Wellness Tools and Full Circle Wellness Tools, which combined app-based tracking with health coaching.  But there was a big piece missing.  I had spent time in the corporate world with a passion for business strategy, communication systems, and putting teams together. None of those pieces seemed to fit because, in my mind, they were all connected to my past life.

It was when I took my business into a mastermind group that I understood why I was feeling fragmented. The women in the mastermind gave me a huge reflection that changed my path.

“Yes, you are all about wellness, transformation, and awareness,” they said. “But all the other things we’ve watched you do all weekend are missing. Where is the visual part of you, the part that uses your hands when you talk and uses crazy language about being a bridge, resonance, and alternative marketing? Where is the part of you that has all of these crystals spread out around you and uses a Balancing Mist?”

I wasn’t even using the word Mystic at that point. I wasn’t really sure how all of those pieces fit, but I was pretty clear that I needed to welcome back these ignored parts of myself. I needed to put them back on my life wheel and in so doing, the Modern Mystics work was born.

The feeling of being fragmented was resolved, not by simplifying or removing pieces, but by bringing in the pieces that were missing. By bringing in the Mystic piece -- intuition, ceremony, gratitude, and magic -- everything else started to find its flow and natural expression.

If knowing your soul purpose and path is the part you’re stuck on, sit down with pen and paper, or with a friend, and tell your story. Don’t leave anything out.  Now, put it all on a life-wheel and see how everything in your life has led you to this moment. Everything affects everything. Everything connects to everything. 

Perhaps you are a mother who chose to be a Girl Scout leader while working part-time for an accounting business and always loved animals.  Suddenly you see all of these experiences make you perfectly aligned to becoming the director of the local animal shelter.

Perhaps you are someone who always had a knack for art and color. You can walk into anyone’s home and know exactly what is needed to make the energy of a room calmer or more dynamic. You’re having a chat with your friend who sells real estate when she says, “I’ve got a great house listed and a lot of people come to see it, but there’s something about it that turns them off. It’s too bad the owners don’t have your eye for energy and color.” Your new business is born, staging homes for sellers who need to enhance the energy of their property.

Instead of worrying about not having a solid focus in your life, look through the lens differently. Maybe you aren’t here to ‘do’ one thing. You may be here to experience the process of creating something completely new and different that wants to manifest.

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