Right Livelihood. It's real.

My husband Casey (aka the Fireman) and I were closing the loop on our 2016 tax planning this weekend and it was clear that a pause and celebration was in order. It's so easy to move quickly from one phase into the next without stopping to appreciate where you’ve been and express gratitude for all that you’ve been through - instead, let's take a moment to celebrate and reflect.

I am so honored to share that once again the Mystic's business ecosystem doubled in growth. It's amazing really. What was a side passion born with no website (truly - my business partner and our developer did put a landing page up but the only thing on it was a photo of me and the words "What is she up to?..." - because truly they had no idea ;-) We had NO list -- in fact no marketing at all except for that enigmatic page.  Yet now we’ve consistently grown and expanded and somehow doubled in revenue three years running.

Now we all know that doubling in the early years is not such a big thing - but once you've crossed into the 6 figures doubling becomes more of a momentous experience. With it comes a deeper tap root, a more expansive ecosystem, more interdependencies, a bigger team, and higher client expectations. It's a gift, a challenge, and an opportunity. And the journey from six figures to seven figures (a goal I hold for myself and many of my private clients who align to that desire) is a different path to walk as the guiding tenets must change when this larger scale is at play.

In 2016--

I was able to serve more conscious awakened (and awakening) healers, entrepreneurs, non-profits, intuitives and seekers than in any prior year. I was able to grow our intimate membership from 80 Mystics at it's one year anniversary to almost 200 Mystics at it's second year anniversary. I was able to offer a community retreat in magical Tulum for our Society.  The retreat has been a long standing desire and important strategic objective that is fully aligned to the strategy and the business ecosystem for the year. I was able to support two clients in crossing the $500K annual revenue mark (and yes, it CAN be aligned to be a mentor whose client revenue exceeds your own -- more about that in a future post). I was honored to support clients in the full activation of their life wheels: creating new businesses; putting old endeavors that no longer serve on the back burner (or recycling them altogether); making life changing moves; selling homes; buying homes; getting pregnant; welcoming babies and mini mystics; releasing children to college; and more. Full Circle Living (and Right Livelihood) was happening all around. It has been a total blessing and an honor to play a small role in these lives. I had the blessing of journeying with clients having books published by major publishing houses, podcasts being born, and product lines hitting the shelves for the very first time. Songs were sung, dances danced, words written, love LOVED, money made and RESONANCE rippled out into the ethers.

And meanwhile, we also learned from...

Fizzled FB ad campaigns Postponed delivery dates for both my first book (in editing!) and the oracle deck (still in creative process) (moved into 2017) I let go of not one, but TWO arms of my business (Wisen and "Chronic Wellness Tools" were folded intoFull Circle Wellness Tools) and more...

But through all of it -- the ups and the downs, the lessons learned, and the wisdom gained -- what I am MOST proud of is that I walked it with truth and resonance. And the Mystics did too. We felt, we saw, we asked. We showed up. We spoke our unspokens and put one foot in front of the other on the path. I could not be more proud.

And for me that means this year I enter into my 22nd year of partnership with my husband as inspired and in love as I have ever been. I officially consider myself "recovered" from Lyme disease and chronic illness in ways I never knew I could be. I enjoy a well earned "neutrality" from some powerful old patterns such that they simply don't apply any more (an exhale and peace as I have never known before - such gratitude), I continue to be mama to three amazing humans that I could not feel more blessed to know, and auntie to others who blow my mind with their gifts and their light.  I have crafted my world such that I can drop my kiddos off for school, pick them up again, be home with them Fridays, AND enjoy Mondays for playtime, planning and connection with my team and sister Mystics in ways that feel so resonant and divine that I give thanks every single day for the magic and mystery of it all.

And that is the full wheel. That is Right Livelihood. To know why you are here. What it is you are meant to be doing. To lead others on the path. To experience ease and grace in the unfolding. And to allow magic and miracles and abundance in ever-expanding ways. Pure magic.

I am so grateful to be on the journey with all of you. It is my desire for 2017 to serve you all from the deepest, truest place of my core. I desire to create ripples of the truth and frameworks for new paradigm business, business alchemy, and full-wheel living so that we can truly direct resources (time, money, energy) into the hands of the healers, the mystics, and the world changers. That is you, my friends.

Thank you so much for claiming your place on the journey. So much magic lies ahead. May we be well guided, well protected, and well blessed. So it is.

With a deep bow of gratitude to my mentors, partners, and sisters - I cannot mention them all - but will mention a few - Susan Pendergast, Richard Barr, Casey Pera, Aaron Baker, Marie McRee, Donna Helete, Jessica Eicher, Natalie Garay, Celia Ward-Wallace, Elena Lipson, Erin Cox, Joanne Ameya Cohen, Dawn Kenroy Gibson, Sherrie Williams, Sherri Hayter...and so so so many more. You know who you are.

Huge gratitude for our weaving and our web - huge excitement for all the goodness that lies ahead. Our time is now. Never has the world needed our gifts and our light more.

What was your truest "full year" celebration for last year? Let's create ripples of that magic.

Ever yours in Mystic gratitude, thank you, Lindsay

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