Coming Out of the Shadows

I was in a long-term, happy marriage. I was blessed to be the mother of beautiful children. I had my own software company.  To many, it may have seemed like, “She’s got it all.”

But there was still something missing.

I was still experiencing chronic illness and…and what?

I dove deep within and found some insidious little blocks living in the inner recesses of my being. These blocks had been put in place to keep me safe.  “Don’t show yourself fully.” “It’s not safe to let someone in.” “You don’t deserve full health and happiness after what you’ve been through.”

My own Journey to Right Livelihood began. I found ways to bring in more magic, more intimacy, and more connection to my divine feminine side. Could I trust the power of being seen at my most raw?

I said, “Yes.” I resolved to come out of hiding through ritual and ceremony which included an intimate photoshoot.

I have a friend who is a writing coach and she tells her clients, “The best books are the ones where the author is willing to get naked.” Though I actually did get naked, it’s the metaphor that I want to speak to you about today.

Even if you’ve been on the path of Right Livelihood, are there still places within that aren’t willing to be seen, or heard? Are you hiding the most important part of yourself? Is that secret blocking your pathway to fulfilling your soul’s purpose? What if your experience is the key to helping others? To fully align to our truth of light, love and aligned abundance, we must come out of the shadows.

Everyone has fear, loss, grief, abandonment, or shame. You aren’t alone. And, it’s those emotions and fears that can cause us to stumble on our journey to wholeness and success, our Journey to Right Livelihood.

When I finally let myself be fully seen (yes, even naked) I was able to bring my whole self to my family, my friends, and my business. It’s part of the story of how the Mystic’s were born!

Our individual journeys to Right Livelihood are as unique and diverse as we are and enable us to travel the wheel of our own discovery in powerful ways. We can be who we are, live our passion, and make a magical LIVING along the way.

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