Modern Mystic Sherri Hayter


Tell us about you and what you do, and tell us about your family:

I am a sacred artist, and founder of The Crystal Grid Experience. I'm a mama to two precocious boys aged 10 and 12 who definitely keep me on my toes!! My husband and I currently live in a 5th wheel RV and traveled across Canada. We are now embarking on a new chapter and putting down some roots in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, BC.

How do you stay healthy, resilient and vibrant?

I think the greatest gift I give myself to stay healthy, resilient and vibrant is spaciousness and time. I am a recovering workaholic, and with my energy type, I was quick to burnout and feel resentful. I've learned to work within my own personal signature and style and not judge myself for how that looks. I suppose at the heart, my resiliency is a result of my self-acceptance in all things.

What does being a Mystic look like on a daily basis?

Being a mystic means that I bring in many different lens and frameworks for living this incarnate life, and I respond moment to moment as to how that appears in my life. I may use meditation, journalling, tapping, infusions of nature, divination tools, or any plethora of concrete or esoteric means to navigate my life. My inner authority is splenic, it's my intuitive "hit", so through the years, I've learned to really trust that and not try to overthink everything which can happen quite easily for me. Being a mystic is also living in wonder - in wonder of all things. The ability to taste the physical world and move through it in this body, to bring my Divine Soul signature to the material plane and commune with it so intimately. Being a mystic is understanding that my essence is eternal, that I offer a unique experience for Source to experience itself, and I am simply an individuated aspect of the All.

Tell us about your path to creating your path right livelihood (and what does Right Livelihood mean to you)

I'm not gonna lie - it's been a bumpy, often challenging road for me, and I still have a lot of growth and deconditioning ahead of me. I started my path in marketing, web design and graphic design because I'm a creator at heart, and I love systems and strategy and the harmonizing of the right and left hemispheres of our brain. As much as I love to be creative and free flowing and in the moment, I equally love analyzing and finding patterns and drawing correlations between disparate bits and pieces. I think ultimately, I believe right livelihood is a birthright, that we are each here to express our unique Soul signature in the world. I can tend to get hung up on our money systems and the controlling and manipulative nature of them, but I think irregardless of money, we are each here as unique expressions of Source or God or Infinite Intelligence, and so it is our birthright to fully express and be compensated in ways that feel whole and congruent to us. We still operate within this 3D vibration and so continually need to hone our skills and understanding of money, sacred commerce and right livelihood. We need to surround ourselves with others having these deep, reflective conversations, and be willing to open ourselves to receive the wisdom and insight of others. I'll end with the admission that I am a work in progress in this department!

How have you integrated your innate talent and Mystic Arts into your life? What challenges did you face in this integrative process?

For many years, I didn't trust myself - I didn't trust my knowing, I didn't think that my insight was anything that others didn't have, and I didn't recognize that the things that came so easily for me were in fact some of my superpowers or unique stamp on the world. Once I began to expand my world through connections with other mystics, I began to realize that there were aspects of myself that were gifts that didn't come as easily for others. That was a big turning point for me, to be seen and recognized and acknowledged for the innate gifts I possessed. The realization was a key that unlocked my abilities further because it gave me a point of access into what I was here to do. I was raised by parents who are vastly different than me and so I was always comparing myself to them and feeling very foreign for lack of a better term. Once I created a support system for myself and recognized myself, everything began to shift and my abilities intensified almost overnight. Finding kindred people was key to ending my isolation - for me, it is the most important thing that all mystics must do.

What important lesson would you share with an earlier version of yourself, or to somebody who is just now exploring what a mystical path might mean to them?

My advice would be to find your tribe, find your people - your peers, your mentors and explore all sorts of different mystic paths. Surround yourself with those that support you and your path, not drain you. Times are so different now than when I was a child, and for those walking the mystic path, this is such a wonderful thing - the mystic world is truly at our fingertips!

If there was only one thing a person could find the energy and resources to make a priority, what should it be?


What is your favorite inspirational quote?

"We are because we belong" by Desmond Tutu.
Sherri Hayter is a sacred artist intent on grounding the Divine in physical form through her art. Working with natural materials, crystals, and sound, she creates healing works of art that assist clients in living a more soulful, heart-centered, connected life. A true lightworker in every sense of the word, Sherri was building electronic circuit boards for her family business, a warning light company, from the age of 7. She is the founder of the Crystal Grid Experience, a self-paced exploration of crystals, sacred geometry, energetic resonance, and intention, and is currently creating a worldwide crystal grid energetic matrix called Brave Love. You can usually find Sherri working in her studio with her most cherished assistant – her C02 laser, or teaching about crystal grids and why every person on the planet should familiarize themselves with these potent energetic helpers for business, life and spiritual enlightenment.