Modern Mystic Sarah Love McCoy


Tell us about you and what you do, and tell us about your family:

My name is Sarah Love. I'm am inspirational artist and magic maker with a passion for reminding people of their innate awesomeness. Outrageous optimist to a fault, I dream of a world where love is at the front of our conversations and decision making. I try to make art that uplifts your heart and mind. My family is deep and wide, but on the home front I am blessed with a wonderful husband, a fantastic rescue dog and a fluff ball of a sweet kitty. Oh and 2 hens in the backyard laying eggs for us.

How do you stay healthy, resilient and vibrant?

Some days I feel it, some days I don't. But I do practice yoga and meditation every day, get lots of sleep, and eat as organically as possible. I love to jump on my mini-trampoline, dance to funky tunes and enjoy life as much as I can. Working with daily affirmations and practicing gratitude help a lot too.

What does being a Mystic look like on a daily basis?

For me it is in every act and also the lens I see through. It's in the morning card pull and the bird flying over head when I walk outside. Being a Mystic is seeing a divine purpose in the way the day plays out. Even when it feels off, wrong or somehow not enjoyable. It's assuming that there is a bigger plan at work and remembering to surrender to that instead of trying to control the way life goes.

Tell us about your path to creating your path right livelihood (and what does Right Livelihood mean to you)

I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit, I guess. I dropped out of college after 1 semester and joined an MLM when I was 18. That didn't work out for me, but it definitely shaped how I much freedom I wanted in my work life. Years later I created the Life is Beautiful and So are YOU! calendar as a holiday gift for friends and family. That turned into my first real product just because people asked me to make it again and wanted to pass it on to others. I loved making something unique that brightened people's lives and getting paid for it. It was just a fun hobby for a long time, but it became my right livelihood over a few years. So many things have branched out from there.

How have you integrated your innate talent and Mystic Arts into your life? What challenges did you face in this integrative process?

I sometimes think I integrated my talents and Mystic Arts because I was just too stubborn to create my life in a more "normal" or social acceptable way : ) I've always been a seeker and drawn to spiritual thinking, so the challenge for me was to pretend that getting a job that I didn't really love was going to work out for any length of time. My path has been a series of learning Mystic Arts and following my curiosity. So it's really integrated into every part of my life. The challenge can be thinking that there will be this place that we get to where we've got all the answers and it's all hunky dory. There are always more questions to ask and more things to create.

What important lesson would you share with an earlier version of yourself, or to somebody who is just now exploring what a mystical path might mean to them?

Ask yourself the question "What do I want?". I don't think I ever asked myself this question until I was 30. I was consumed with people pleasing and trying to figure out what other people needed and wanted. It wasn't until I asked myself what I wanted, in life, in a relationship, for dinner, that I could actually know myself enough to love all parts of who I am and honor my own desires.

If there was only one thing a person could find the energy and resources to make a priority, what should it be?

Being kind to themselves inside and out. It takes energy to do it because our default mode is some old BS stories of unworthiness and self criticism. Also, go see live music and art. Dancing and inspiration and witnessing other humans express creative energy is a huge part of feeding the evolution of our souls.

What is your favorite inspirational quote?

"There's nothing standing in the way of paradise for the whole human race except old ideas." ~ Charles Diederich
Sarah Love McCoySarah Love McCoy is an inspirational artist, outrageous optimist, and the founder of the I Stand For Love movement. She created the "Life is Beautiful and So are YOU!" calendar to uplift and inspire you everyday with morsels of wisdom and radiant color. Sarah believes that a more loving world starts from the inside and works it's way out.