January 2023 Insights


Awareness is the bridge to Consciousness.” ~ The Mystics Path

When your cup runneth over, who and what do you want to nurture with the overabundance of love and support within your capacity? What people, ideas, communities, projects, and ecosystems do you want to thrive alongside? Include the ideal world you want to live in with your visions. Take it seriously and believe with all of your beings - even if just for a moment - that you are as powerful a co-creator of the Universe as the sacred wisdom teachings claim. Use the infinite star power of your brilliant mind, tethered by your ancient soul in the creative vessel of your miraculous body, to FEEL what kind of a world you want the children to experience and the kind of elder you want to be in it. We are manifesting the new earth right now. - Katina

January kicks off with the energies of the Sun guiding our Health and Wellbeing, and East is the direction of full illumination and life force. It’s the direction of summer and the noonday sun. Let the sun illuminate what wants to be seen and stoke the growth of the seeds of new beginnings planted this month. We are being offered a fresh start to write the chapter of our health and wellbeing anew.

Similarly, with the Life Force card guiding our Relationships, we are being offered the energy to recommit to the relationships that matter to us most. The effort you put in this month will return to you in spades later in the year.

As we look to our finances or the transformational lever that governs our “Prosperity and Abundance,” we are being guided this month by the card Dreamtime. Dreamtime invites you to look beyond even the “big picture” of your finances as we kick off the year, and asks you instead to envision your prosperity from a place of your wildest dreams. What could it look like? How would it feel? What experiences would it create? Give yourself the time to dream this month. Our dreams lay the foundation for our manifestation ahead. 

Overall, January offers all the ingredients needed for not only the month ahead but the year ahead as well. If possible, start the year off with present awareness. Allow the flow of energy around you to illuminate your dreams for the year ahead. Sun - Life Force - and Dreamtime are here to guide you and be allies to you on your journey forward. - Lindsay

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