The cards on the 2023 altar anchor energies that will support and guide you as the year unfolds.
~ Altar: Consciousness (14)
~ Health & Wellbeing: Love (6)
~ Relationships: Priestess (2)
~ Prosperity: Resonance (43)

The Consciousness card is number 14 in the Mystics oracle deck. The energy of the Consciousness card reminds us that we are “awakening from a dream.” 2023 will be a year of emergence from our collective survival mechanisms of the last few years and into a year of personal integration and rebirth.

The Love card in the realm of our Health & Well-Being reminds us that the harmony we seek in the world around us must start from within.

The Priestess card (2) in the realm of our Relationships & Heart for 2023 marks a significant progression from Time in the altar position of our Heart & Relationships towards the Priestess. This transformational lever governs not only our hearts and relationships but our social systems and constructs as well.

The Resonance card (43) in the realm of our Prosperity & Abundance is a beautiful and natural progression forward from the Altar (sacred, meaningful, honoring) focus of 2022 toward an integration of all that you found to be sacred.

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