Make this your healthiest year yet. This is a year to go deep. Explore your true feelings. Listen within. Integrate body, mind, and spirit—at the subconscious, conscious and superconscious levels. Find what makes you feel rooted, the core you. Own it. In 2023, own yourself and your journey.

In the past three years, you have weathered much. You have evolved. You’ve explored your shadow side, with long periods of COVID-induced separation. You’ve gripped the truth of your fragility. You’ve seen your dependence and independence. Now explore even deeper…this time with curiosity, comfortable in the unknowingness.

When visualizing your healthiest outcomes for 2023, start from a place of calm strength. Bring the tension of the unknown and use it productively. Psychiatrist Dr. Ellen Vora, the author of The Anatomy of Anxiety, offers a paradigm shift in our understanding of physical and mental health: that anxiety is not simply a mental condition, but can be traced to imbalances in our body with its signals of physical discomfort such as sleeplessness, brain fog, stomach pain, and shaky nerves. These stress responses can be triggered by small acts, including diet. Vora says true anxiety serves as our inner compass, helping us recalibrate. A new scientific field of interoception is emerging: listening to our body for messages we once thought only originated in the brain. As Mystics, we are attuned to these more subtle messages.

Know thyself. Set healthy baselines. You are the best person to fine-tune baselines in all areas of your life:

Physical Baselines:

» Exercise. 2.5 hours of physical exercise is recommended weekly. Set your own way of achieving that. Walking? Yoga? Swimming? Housework? Explore what makes your body sing. See these as welcome ways to break up your work day.

» Hydrate. As light workers, replenish your subtle body. I know it’s tempting to push your body, to skip meals or sleep. But this doesn’t serve anyone’s best interests. Be conscious of how you treat your body.

» Nutrition. Eat three balanced meals or six snacks throughout the day. What counts is overall calories: 1,550 per day if you want to lose weight or 2,000 calories per day for normal circumstances. Again, you know your body better than anyone. Time of
day matters. Eat breakfast – you’ll burn calories faster and eat less throughout the rest of the day. Don’t wait until you are ravenous to eat. But don’t eat until you’re at least a little bit hungry. Just small changes can make a big difference. As a mystic, you can do this! Muscle test. Listen to your body.

» Eat electrolyte-rich food. Keep electrolyte-rich snacks around like watermelon, cucumber, tomatoes, almonds, peanut butter, olives, spinach, etc. They are quick pick-me-ups.

» Be aware of hidden toxins, and subtle forces, and seek out little-known information. Recently, I’ve been working on toxic lead education. We’re finding high levels in places you wouldn’t expect – traditional remedies, plastic toys, henna and other cosmetics, even Ikea pottery. Follow your own intuitive hunches, then test them scientifically. This is perfect for 2023, a “7” numerology year, symbolized as the Mystic and also the scientist. The astrological timing to “Know Thyself” is supportive as well. With Jupiter moving through trail-blazing Aries then practical Taurus in 2023, it’s a good time to begin charting your own course, health-wise.

Emotional Baseline:

» Seattle psychologist Dr. John Gottman of the University of Washington says couples in good relationships use a  communication ratio of 4:1. That means for every neutral or critical comment, they use positive language four times as often. A good model.

Spiritual Baseline:

» Mystics like Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Amit Goswami, and Dr. Erin Ahlen Rooney are now discussing how getting 1% of the global population onboard can change the world. Chopra has committed to reaching 100 million people, with this end in mind. (Stay tuned in 2023 for our own Mystic work with this initiative and especially Dr. Erin Ahlen Rooney.)
» The old ways are no longer working. This trend is slowly entering institutions like education and media. Reporters in more than 1,700 newsrooms globally have now pledged to use Solutions Based Journalism vs. conflict-driven models. Trust that we are progressing spiritually as a society.

So those are the recommended baselines. 2023 is an opportunity to live your healthiest life, one unique to you. What would that look like? The choice is yours. Now is the time to dream of possibilities.

Imagine walking down through an ancient Temple, wearing comfortable clothes. The halls are quiet although you can see pale sunlight reflecting off the polished worn floor. Take a deep breath, savoring the peace.

Now change scenes. Imagine you are in Italy, on an expansive plaza in the sun. People are milling about, smiling and soaking in the rays. 

Change scenes. Imagine that you are on a flight across the fjords, skimming low over the islands. A woman across the plane aisle is stretched out, lifting her smiling baby in slow motion timing.

No matter where you are – a dim hallway, an open space, or an airplane aisle – you can bring this sense of mindfulness.

The world needs your wizardry. Your calm ability to bring hearts and minds together (as Lindsay would say) in the moment. Find this place.

Push your awareness. Take frequent breaks. A short one every few minutes. Here’s a suggestion for an hour or two of breaks:

a. Visualize a glow around your crown chakra. Let other parts of your body just relax. Feel the tension in your body melt.
b. Concentrate on your feet. Flex, rotate, tense, stretch, and walk on something enjoyable. Move in ways you haven’t tried before.
c. Slice cold cucumbers for a snack. Place two of them on your eyelids for a break.
d. Hydrate. Sip from a wooden cup. Or let your subconscious come up with its own suggestion. Eat cold watermelon chunks, concentrating on hydrating the throat and thymus.
e. Be aware of your pulse. Can you feel it without touching it?
f. Trust yourself. Sketch something in your environment for 2-5 minutes to de-stress.
g. Let synchronicity guide you. What sounds do you notice? Can you open a book to just the right words? Center yourself. (Note: I use Sarah Love’s book Everyday Love for synchronicity and confirmations.)

Find your new best friend: you. 2023 is a great year to journal. Several authors have books along these lines. My favorite speakers for self-work include Lindsay Pera and her Mystics Society, Dr. Judith Orloff, Dr. Ellen Vora, Dr. Erin Ahlen Rooney, Byron Katie, and most recently Vedic author Acharya Shunya. 

Enjoy the best year of your life!

ABOUT  Deni Luna, M.A.

Deni Luna is a psychic medium, diviner and intuitive coach based in Seattle. She teaches people to tune into their highest guidance, feeling heaven on earth. She practices multiple disciplines including astrology and Lipsology (the art and science of reading lip prints). She has entertained for several Fortune 500 companies. 

Deni believes in the power of joy and the collective good. As the Golden Rule instructs: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” No higher law exists.

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