The context of this 2023 Numerological Interpretation is for the globe in general and the United States of America specifically.

Birth Name: United Colonies
Current Name: United States of America
Birthdate: July 4, 1776
Personal Year 9
Universal Year 7

The number 2023 consists of two 2’s, a 0, and 3. There is an emphasis on the last two numbers. In the year 2023, the last two numbers form the number 23. In numerology, numbers are reduced to a single digit, excluding 11, 22, 33, etc. which are considered master numbers. So, 23 is reduced to the number 5. 23 is called the secondary number and 5 is the foundation number. 5 represents change, freedom, newness, opportunities, and progress. The number 2 in 23 represents partnerships, relationships, collaborations, alliances, and unexpected changes. The 3 represents joy, inspiration, the expression of the self, and being on the proverbial stage. Thus 23/5 represents inspirational change, innovation, progression, revolution, and transformation. Hence, embracing the opportunity for change and transformation in 2023.

2023 is Universal Year 7

This is coming off the heels of a Universal Year 6. The new year always brings about new energy. This all-encompassing vibrational energy for the collective (population) on our planet is the Universal Year energy. This year it is a 7. 2023 (year) = (2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 7)

7 represents reevaluation of the self, introspection, knowledge, understanding, awareness of truth, and wisdom. In addition, the number 7 is associated with health, legalities (contracts), court systems, and law. During this year studying, understanding, and acknowledging the past, as well as being aware, and cognizant of our present state, is vital to how we (as a planet) move forward. We can look at this Universal Year 7 as the present revisiting the past, to know how to move forward properly for the future.

This is a time for governments of the world and their people to begin to be truthful about how we arrived in our current state. Moreover, to use technology for the enhancement and quality of life for the planet and not its destruction, as well as finding ways to provide quality education and healthcare for all and not just a few.

Looking back at previous Universal 7 years (2014), the Ebola Epidemic broke out in West Africa and became a global crisis. Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager who was fatally shot and the city of Ferguson, a St. Louis suburb, became a household name. In 2005 (Universal Year 7), Katrina, a destructive category 5 Hurricane, hit the southeastern part of the United States and caused over 1800 fatalities. 

2023 is a Personal Year 9 for the United States 

Birthday: July 4

{4 (Day) + 7 (Month) + 7 (Universal Year)} = 9

9 represents endings, transitions, change, completion, death, and transformation. Therefore, 2023 is a year of endings, transitions, change, completion, death, and transformation. This is a moment of releasing, reevaluating, reassessing, and letting go of the old to make way for the new. A time to take inventory on what is working and what isn’t as a nation.

There will be a lot of challenges, drama, and strong, tense emotions. Conflicts coming from these changes bring sense of volatility. COVID and its variants will continue to be an issue. As previously stated, “this is a time for governments of the world and its people to begin to be truthful on how we arrived in our current state.” A large segment of the population will continue to believe COVID and its variants are a conspiracy, along with the 2020 U.S. election being stolen. From the early part to the middle of the year, there will be deeply and emotionally strong, dramatic changes taking place in this country. At times there will be sadness and emotional confusion. Challenges that haven’t truly been dealt with will bubble to the surface. Things that the country has tried to bury or sweep under the rug will come into view. The U.S. will need to face its past to bring about some needed closure, not letting its past hinder it from moving forward properly. 

Things that have been avoided must be addressed now. Opportunity for transformation is upon us.

However, for transformation to be a reality, dramatic changes must occur. Hence a moment of reassessing, releasing, and letting go of the old to make way for the new.

Keep an eye on the financial markets. There will be a lot of movement and changes. Many of the changes spoken about previously will be because of the markets. It is during this time that the United States will need to reevaluate its priorities. The National debt, the economy, the financial markets, and domestic upheaval will cause the Nation to reevaluate its approaches.

The U.S. in its history has always prided itself of being a champion for the underdog and being a leader in humanitarian causes. The energy is moving toward the U.S. focusing more on its domestic policies. Over the years, the U.S. has sacrificed its own people and domestic issues because of its foreign policies, making politics very divisive and indecisive when coming to important domestic issues. Foreign policy, and because of the changes occurring, a reset and focus on domestic policies will be needed. The people (U.S. population) will demand change at this time. The changes and losses that will occur in the year 2023 will cause the U.S. to change its approach and begin to be more assertive in prioritizing domestic issues. It is at this time America will need to reestablish its identity, take care of its families, and heal its wounds. 

ABOUT Christopher Brown  

A teacher, priest, writer, lecturer, researcher, and international traveler, Christopher W. Brown (Sàngódaré Fágbèmí) is the founder of the Akasanmon Institute for the Study of GAN Philosophy, an organization bridging the gap between science and religion. Christopher is initiated into six priesthoods in Yoruba culture. He was initiated as a Priest of Sàngó by the late Oluwo Afolabi A. Epega, a fifth generation Ifá priest from Ode Remo, Nigeria. He was initiated as a Priest of Ifá (Babaláwo) by Chief Priest Solade of Akure, Nigeria, Gaga Community. He was also initiated as a Priest of Obàtálá and Osun by the late Ifálabanke Adesanya of Ode Remo, Nigeria. Christopher is a member of Egbe Ifá Ògúnti in Ode Remo and has been given permission by the Adesanya family to use the title, Akasanmon, a Yoruba word meaning, ‘one who studies the sky’.

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