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The time has come to rise up, sweet Child.

Yes – we’ve reiterated this because the timeliness and need for your service has only amplified.

The world doesn’t need more doers; it needs more Mystics.

Mystics are the Saviors of this world because they can see through the realms. They can connect the realms of the seen and the unseen, and they can birth and bring forth new paradigms, healing codes, techniques and so much more that is required to hold the healing energy for the planet right now. 

Do not underestimate your role or your capacity to affect change.

Rather, focus on what you CAN do right now and what is POSSIBLE to change in this moment.

Keep your eyes on the ball AND ALSO on the future.

You are doing double time (if we are to work in the space/time continuum).

This means focus on action that’s immediate AND also on the bigger picture and the paradigms you are shifting.

These actions are equally valid, for they quench the thirst of the immediate needs that are so prevalent right now while also course correcting, abolishing and demolishing archaic structures and paradigms that make our societies and our planet sick with worry, with malice and unsupportive energy.

Focus on the positive and on what’s good always. This is especially the case right now, given your heightened and empathic awareness of everything that’s happening in the world.

Focus (your) JOY.

Focus on (your) LOVE.



Focus on the NOW and the FOREVER.

We cannot stress enough the need for you to take care of yourselves and, even more importantly, for you to experience JOY, LOVE and WELL-BEING on a DAILY BASIS.

These aren’t electives. They are requirements. They remind you of the beauty of life and fuel your inner systems, so that you bring a more balanced perspective to all areas of your life and the work that you are here to do in the world.

The world is so much more than a binary system of good and bad, right and wrong, up and down.

Our existence and our world(s) are multidimensional, and it is important, especially as a Mystic, to live life fully in multiple dimensions and in the astral plane. This lets you not only replenish but also receive the downloads and guided information that are imperative for you to be, remain well and service others and the Planet.

The interconnection between humans and the Planet will continue to be front and center this year. It will be so in an even heightened way given the new Earthly problems, wildfires, floods and other catastrophic events that will continue to plague our planet until wild, decisive and bold action is taken to remedy and to counter the damage that’s already been done. 

Make no mistake, we are NOT doomed nor is the planet doomed. 

Rather, we are being shaken and shaken again so the mindset, the thinking, and the energetic and monetary structures that have focused on an extraction approach turn into ones of cohesive living and True Stewardship of our Planet. You – as Mystics – have a key role to play in supporting harmonious living within yourselves, your Souls AND our Planet - Mother Earth.

You will be called to enhance and to deepen your connection to our Mother Earth. This is not only for your own healing and well-being, but also, as you connect more deeply with her, you will hear, see, feel and receive guidance from her on how to enhance your work, and in the ways to work WITH her for the benefit of all sentient beings.

Mother Earth is being asked to take a center-stage role in the well-being of the planet and to be an active participant in facilitating her own healing and the ascension of humanity. She will not stand by and be a “passive” participant to the destruction we’ve compounded over centuries. This includes the patriarchal attitudes we’ve taken toward her that
discount the glorious beauty and wisdom she has to offer us and ALL sentient beings.

So, take heed of the good news that Mother Earth is here to share with you. She will take on a new and front-stage role in our global and communal healing. So, look to her and ask her for guidance in supporting your personal and the collective’s well-being. She is your ALLY, and she asks that you integrate her into your daily life as a non-negotiable actor and contributor.

As for you dear Mystics, we know that you’ve endured SO MUCH.

From loss, to grief, to health challenges, to heartache and heartbreak, and to disappointments big and small that have left you discombobulated, scared, doubtful and weary of the future.

Use these emotions and life experiences to strengthen your resolve but also as an invitation for your own personal healing, so that you can now LIGHTEN YOUR LOAD. 

In so doing, as you heal, you will have more capacity, breathing room and, more importantly, a fresh perspective to approach life’s challenges. This will allow you to create with greater joy, to see beyond the day-to-day realities of the world AND to feel more ALIVE and FREE.

If there is a theme for you, dear Mystic, in 2023, it is to be FREE and to make choices that create more PERSONAL FREEDOM for you and others. 

The energy is much lighter for this year in that there’s more capacity for you to BE without being buried and overburdened by the collective’s shortcomings. 

You are invited to play, to dance, to create,to experiment and to dive headfirst into new EXPERIENCES that challenge your edges and that also make you feel utterly and supremely ALIVE. 

Don’t hold back.
Say yes.
Don’t fear the repercussions. Instead, fear not living and not acting.

The past few years of the pandemic have caused us to pause, to reflect, to ache and to do healing work.

But no more, dear ones.

Now is the time to ACT; to go for the big(ger) dreams and for those dreams to come to fruition.

Everything that has felt like it was on pause and in a holding pattern is now ready to move forward. 

We, as a collective, had to move through energies and challenges to be opened up to new possibilities and to injustices that we needed to face.

On a personal level, we needed to feel what we felt so we could lighten our load and feel more free and alive. In  essence, to value and to perceive life on a different level and plane.

For your health, continue to seek holistic and integrated solutions that support your WHOLE ENERGETIC BODY and well-being. You are a whole ecosystem, and the more you focus on what makes you and keeps you well over treating topical and specific symptoms, the more alive you will feel.

For your relationships: choose love and understand first. 

Seek to listen more than you speak. 

And when you do speak, ask: “What would love say here?”

For your energetic hygiene and protocols, it’s time to embrace these into your daily routines as a non-negotiable way of operating in a grounded, centered, and more open way than before. In so doing, you won’t carry so much of the collective and others’ energy and will strengthen your inner core of confidence and strength. You will look, feel and be more magnetic because your true energy will shine through in its purest form, without so many outside energetic interferences.

For your work, simplify, simplify and simplify some more. 

Additionally, we ask that you get very clear on the kind of team and support staff that will help you achieve your goals faster and easier than you’ve imagined or allowed yourself to contemplate. Clarify not only the functions they’ll have but also the energetic contribution they’ll bring to your overall mission and vision.

Really ask yourself the tough and laser questions of where your time really needs to go, what the purpose and function of your business are (you may find it’s time to elevate or refined them) and what’s the lightest, most joyful and easiest way to accomplish things.

You, and we as Mystics in general, don’t have time to be bogged down by heaviness anymore.

2023 is the year of the Light(ness) to come through and to be TRULY EXPERIENCED.

We need this lightness for you, so that you can amplify that lightness for the world. 

So instead of the heaviness of the world burdening us Mystics, we get to shower the world with our Light even more now.

May we ask that as you tread lightly, that you equally take bold and decisive action.

Don’t tolerate anything that’s not a match for you.

Speak up for what you want and don’t accept habits, behaviors and energies that bring you down.

Keep your empathic nature in check so you stay in your energetic lane without crossing into other people’s energetic spaces.

As a reminder for 2023: you cannot fix anyone.

You cannot help anyone who is not yet ready to be helped.

That does not mean that you cannot plant seeds; that you cannot act from love; that you cannot say the tough things that need to be said; or that you hold back from always placing yourself and your needs and desires first.

In spite of all that you see, we remind you that ALL IS WELL.


Everything is a simple matter of perspective and looking at things from a multidimensional and integrative lens to understand the fuller picture. 

What’s happened the last few years has and will continue to serve its purpose. That train is already in motion and will continue to do its job. 


Be merry.
Be social.
Do more of what makes your heart sing.

Build your Hearth.
Let go of things and people and inner narratives that don’t support you.

Take new and exciting risks.

Say NO when it counts and MEAN IT.

This is your year to shine brightly with levity, grace and infinite potential and love.

Remember always where you truly come from and how DEEPLY LOVED and NOURISHED AND SUPPORTED YOU REALLY ARE – ON ALL LEVELS.


So go forth and prosper.
Go forth and enjoy your life to the fullest – without apology, guilt or trepidation.

For this is your time.
Enjoy it to the fullest.

Until next time.
Stay grateful for all of life’s blessings in all shapes and forms, and SHINE BRIGHTLY. Allow your inner child to have a voice and to play.

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