WEAVING TRADITIONS: Insight from Ifa (The Wisdom of Nature)


Ifa (the wisdom of nature) greets the Modern Mystics with an invitation to be still and nurture your spirit to turn what  appeared bad, in the past couple of years, into success through the proper sacrifice. 2023 is the year to explore the depths of who you are and what your purpose is in this world. Old parts of self have been shedding and old paradigms are falling. The veil has been lifted. Collective spiritual awakening is unfolding. The age of Aquarius is upon us which is the Age of knowing, so it will take hard work to reach the elevated position. 

Ifa is providing clarity to those deep-seated things to elevate consciousness through spirituality. 2023 wants the collective to lead in your own individual spiritual awareness with harmony. This will be a time for stringent moral behavior and the need to resist temptations which have the potential to take you back into old ways or around old experiences. Many have transitioned into the ancestral realm and some relationships (personal and business) have ended or shifted in an unexpected direction. These changes have created the need for courage in upcoming opportunities to know you will be victorious. Some of the relationships may be restored and new relationships will surface however be assertive and communicate to have clarity on what the relationship offers for your personal growth and development. Do not run from opposition as these are opportunities to test your faith and character. There is support coming from the elevated ancestors as well as those in your immediate community who are aligned with higher
consciousness and love. 

This is a time to increase the intensity of the relationship with self in order to align with other relationships that will offer greater opportunities that money can’t buy. Ifa says money isn’t as important as wisdom, health, knowledge and character. Many have become a slave to money in the sense of working for others’ goals and dreams. However, how are you expanding on your own goals, dreams, and aspirations? There is a need for emphasis on spiritual development and emotional balance to focus on the practicality of things to avoid blockages. Lingering in thought, fear, holding on to anger, worrying too much, and committing to things or people not in alignment with your destiny has the potential to cause challenges or blockages in one’s path. Take a review of your last ten years to explore the lessons and wisdom gained from those experiences to move forward. According to the Sacred Oracle, “spiritual redemption is the main solution to prevent things from turning upside down while everything ahead could look good however disaster could be lurking. The focus on short-term goals, overzealous behavior, or chaos in everyday activities will create losses. Planning ahead and avoiding careless talk will also be a momental role in ensuring success in one’s plans.” Be sure to be mindful of sharing your plans, dreams, and goals so as to not have them hijacked. Have confidence in knowing you will align with those who will be invested in your success without desiring anything in return.

Ifa says it is time to rise to the occasion and make the sacrifice to have a better life. If you are feeling stuck, unable to go forward or lazy, it is spiritual unrest and you may be doing things or around people who aren’t in alignment with your destiny. Taking time to reflect, self care and being playful in co-creating with the creator will allow the opportunity to expand. A lot of wealth is attainable so be mindful of people and things trying to persuade you from your aspirations. Prune your mind and complete the projects you’ve begun before birthing a new project when others aren’t complete. Make the sacrifice to work on closing doors to things in order to be ready at the right time for the other ideas you may be considering to launch.

Ifa suggests the following prompts to ask yourself.
» Do you trust yourself?
» What are you bearing?
» What are you desiring to give birth to?
» Are you seeing deep into the details of the vision(s)?
» What blockages prevent me from moving forward?
» What do I need to let go of?
» Are you the bearer of bad news or are you ready to bear the fruits of labor?

If you are internally holding onto a thought, feeling or dream and not sharing, how can you get the help you need? Ifa says you have all you need to succeed so have the confidence and awareness of the support you are surrounded by.

Things to be mindful of and suggestions.

Ifa says to be mindful of your character during the waiting period. Being mature, patient, humble and hopeful in those moments with the potential to take you out of good character by putting energy in motion based on feelings is the sacrifice. Allowing your mind to process before reacting and allowing the response to come from a place of internal review however don’t hover in thought which will create blockages. Meditation and journaling will be key to maintaining a healthy mental space. This mediation can be in the form of yoga, walking, dancing, breathwork or whatever form calms your mind. Go out into nature and new areas you haven’t explored. Be aware of stubbornness. Remember to channel the child-like energy within to play and dream big.

Maintain a healthy immune system. Take care of your digestive system. Become aware of where you find tension in your body. Do you have headaches, stomach aches, shoulder or back aches, hip or leg issues often? If so, these are just a few examples of experiencing these blockages in the form of physical manifestations due to the health of your emotional, spiritual and mental self. Breathing deeply and seeing a white light as you scan your body; cutting cords from anything that causes negative tension; intimacy with self; can bring order to the internal chaos.

Be mindful of relationships and things that require too much and end up draining you at some point. Managing your time with nurturing yourself, the things you do and people you spend time with require balance. Creating days for your self-care, days you take care of errands and days you socialize can provide structure to initiate the plan to evolve this year.

When in those dark moments, it is the gratitude and reaching back to the resilience of those who have gone to the realm of the ancestors. This is through ancestral reverence by telling stories of the good memories; listening to the music they listened to; watching the shows they watch; celebrating them as you would when they were alive; speaking with them as though they were still present; and whatever resonates with you and your way of remembering them. Cherishing these moments will allow healing and bring light to more positive memories.

Incorporate sea salt or herbal baths, set intentions based on the moon cycles, keep home and environments in order, and stay grounded. Remember to focus on the narrative within your spirit to fulfill your destiny and travel light in the moments which appear dark as the lifted veil continues to reveal, heal and build.

ABOUT Juacclyn Nikol Carmouche  

Juacclyn Nikol Carmouche Ìyánifa and Olorisa (Yemonja and Osun) is a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, Numerologist, Master Reiki, Sound Healer and trained Doula. With the blessings of Olodumare, her ancestors and Ifa, she has fully embraced who she is and she’s humble to continue to serve, teach and share the tools that have directed and guided her to fulfill her life’s purpose in this lifetime.

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