February 2023 Insights


“Honor your phases and stages, cycles and rhythms.” ~ The Mystics Oracle

Allow your mind to change and sense yourself brand new, in an instant. This is natural and magical simultaneously. Give thanks for every perceived limitation removed from your view. Dare to go further in what you believe can be accomplished - go higher than you’ve ever been. Get excited about being a novice on this new level of awareness!

Practice creating on multiple dimensions. Follow spontaneous inspiration as children do; be not afraid to try something new. Fall in love with your wild journey again, grateful for every stage of initiation you made it through. - Katina

"The more you connect with your inner guidance system, the stronger your muscle of knowing becomes.” ~ The Mystics Path


This year started off with a lot of energy flowing. This month you will feel the pull of the tides all around you. The moon shows up twice, guiding both our health and well-being and our prosperity. Together this dual moon energy flanks Sacred Masculine energies governing our hearts and relationships. But what does this dual moon energy mean? Essentially we have strong feminine energies of flow, the tides turning, and illumination in the dark buffering the energies of protection, advocacy, and stewardship. This is the time to explore the balance of feminine and masculine energies within us all. Remember these are not gender constructs, they are energetic constructs that seek to be in balance.

As we journey into this second month of the year, we are guided deeper into the self. Although 2023 is a year that focuses on the “inner journey” and “self- centered-ness” - which suggests you are recalibrating your life and core routines to place yourself back at the center - this is not “selfishness” as we have been taught. This is a centering of self that is a vital step in creating the inner resonance that becomes our outer reality. In order to identify and align to our authentic, congruent, and aligned self, we must remove distractions wherever possible and re-align to the truth of our being.

For your relationships this month, look for ways to support matters of the heart with deeper connection, conviction, and dedication. Avoid judgment, blame, or condescending comments or actions. What you do in service to your relationships (inner and outer) this month will bring you into a deeper balance throughout your life.

In summary, this month let yourself be guided by grace and gentle illumination. Trust in the ebb and flow this month. Protect your boundaries and sovereignty. The inner work you do this month has key significance for the year ahead. Do not try to force anything that doesn’t feel right. - Lindsay

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