March 2023 Insights


You are worthy of every sacred pause required to discern your truth. There is always enough time to check in with yourself. The only thing real is the moment you feel your breath in. Move at the speed of trust in your body, where intuition and instinct guide you. This is a threshold moment. Our faith will be tested and the power of mind amplified. You are ready. Trust in the resource management skills you have acquired and commit to your self-compassion. Feminine leadership is needed now - being a woman does not guarantee you are free from perpetuating patriarchal conditioning through your own behaviors. Honor Earth’s cues internally and externally as to when to act and when to rest.- Katina

“Gratitude and thanks to the direction below, the earth under our feet that holds us, supports us, grounds us, and connects us to the realm of form and matter.” ~ The Mystics Path Earth | Journey | Below

In March, we begin to set down roots for our intentions for the year. The illumination and energy of January and February begin to integrate into our inner being and will act as a tap root for the moons to come. Trust in your pace this month as you may feel deeply the dichotomy between slowing down to let those intentions take root, and the quickening all around you as the pace of the year speeds up. Try not to rush your process. Giving yourself time this month to continue to focus on grounding what matters most to you will be well worth the effort. Deep roots support healthy growth and bear the sweetest fruit. When it comes to your Health and Wellbeing, the Earth guides your way. The guidance and medicine of the Earth card are to remember that you are worthy, held, and loved and have been since the very moment you were conceived, not because of any soul contract or promises, but because of the innate worthiness of your being. This month remember your birthright, that you are worthy of self-care, compassionate tending, and being supported and grounded. In order to manifest a positive shift in your health and well-being this month, allow yourself to be present and aware at the moment. Listen deeply to the whispers of your cells. There is only one place from which we can manifest and that is right here, right now. Remember with Earth by your side you are always “supported.” 

The Journey card governs our Heart and Relationships this month. The Journey card often shows up when we are amidst some kind of change. It reminds us that we lose the magic of the process if we focus solely on the destination and forget to enjoy the moments along the way. The affirmation for the Journey card is “I am here now.” No matter what you face this month, let yourself be present for it all. Not all journeys are filled with ease and grace. Many have trials and tribulations along the way. But resist the urge to bypass or numb the feelings away. The effort is worth it. You will prevail with a little accountability and awareness. 

When it comes to money matters in March, the Below card guides your Prosperity and Abundance. People often see the Below card as dark or ominous. This is not the case. Below is the fifth direction (of the 8 directions on the Mystic Path) and gives us the opportunity to ground more deeply. When Below energies show themselves in relation to your finances or prosperity, it's a good time to do two things. First, ask yourself how you can be more grounded in your decisions about money this month. Second, don't be afraid to face your shadow. Are there behaviors or patterns you wish to shift? Don’t forget to look at not only your spending but the ways in which you invite money into your life. Re-ground yourself to see if you are “making money” in the ways that support your congruent and aligned self. The power of Resonance is by your side when we start from a grounded authentic place. Roots down, wings up. - Lindsay