May 2023 Insights


“Gratitude and thanks to the north, the direction of ‘not knowing’ and the unseen realm, the direction that brings us back to the journey time and time again. North is the direction of magic, of eternal mystery and truth, where past and future intersect.” ~ The Mystics Path

Revel in the romance of life and submerge in the sweetness that surrounds you. Let yourself indulge in the dreamscape and receive divine messages that may conflict with logic. Who are the women, feminine presences and waterscapes that inspire you to flow? Honor the inherent courage and healing of tears, as well as the reset of each new sunrise. Return to the Buddha’s teachings, or other traditions that uphold the wisdom of interdependence, non-attachment, and somatic release. Practice mindful letting go, softening, dissolving tension in the body through focused awareness. Celebrate every experience of genuine connection as a victory in the game of life and play full out! - Katina

Discernment | North | North

The oracle energies this month seek to offer a litmus for what conscious aligned choices to make and where to “set your sights.” There may be feelings of “not knowing” this month. As we move out of the retrograde energies, maybe you aren’t sure of the path forward. Or maybe you are seeking something that hasn’t quite brought itself into view yet. Discernment and North energies spanning your three transformational levers of health, heart and prosperity this month give you support in knowing how to make key choices and be guided by what matters to you most. Discernment and North energies help us make good decisions. One helps us move from judgement into aligned action. And the other guides us when we feel lost or uncertain.

The Discernment card governing your health this month invites you into deeper healing, empathy for self and connection. With discernment you can release what no longer serves your “self ” and cells, and align to exactly what your body is craving. Discernment shows you what is true and reminds you that you have all the answers within you if you give yourself the time and space to come fully aware of what would best serve you from the inside out this month.

With North energies guiding your relationships, the oracle seeks to remind you of what is really important to you this month. Rather than flail your way, let yourself leverage that grounding you have been practicing all year and be guided by an inner true north, the inner compass that shows you where you are headed and why. North energies also govern your Prosperity and Abundance this month. While North guidance reminds us to “feel our way” and trust in the journey, it also warns that impatience or uncertainty will be counterproductive when it comes to money matters. Let yourself be guided and lean into trust. You are safe when you let yourself get truly present to the goals before you. - Lindsay