October 2023 Insights


You will know where you need to go now and what it’s time to leave behind. Recognize this clarity and resist the urge to waver in false confusion. Speak your words as prayers and spells with exactitude. Witness the seasonal turn and calibrate to the changing quality of light and temperature of your days. Be as natural as you can be. Respond to psychic awareness and communicate as on a balance beam; if you defer too much you will fall, and if you lead too aggressively the other may stumble or react in defense. Remember what the goal is and be mature, methodical, strategic. - Katina

“Step forward into the not knowing in trust. There are many footsteps on the path before you. You do not need to journey alone.” ~ The Mystics Path

And the shift of the seasons is upon us. This month, as you experience being pulled into the energies of the shifting seasons and the thinning of the veil, we see the Ancestors card present for a second month in a row, this time governing our Health and Wellbeing. Interestingly, we saw this kind of repeat with the Children card in 2022. October energies very much want to build on September energies quite literally it seems. And what was a focus on downstream impacts this time one year ago, this year shows itself as awareness of all that came before to influence your decisions now. What would it be for you to bring wisdom and insight more deeply to your wellness routines this month? You know what is best for you. You know what your cells have been craving. It’s time to let yourself explore the core routines that support you in returning to your essence. As the world around us shifts, our physical vessels seek to shift as well. Be extra kind to yourself this month. Make choices wisely: things like your food choices, media choices, and even who you spend your time with to ensure you are honoring conscious awareness and the most  resonant path for your health.

In October, the East makes an appearance governing our Heart and Relationships. This is an opportunity to turn a new page, write a new chapter of how you are  showing up in the world (and with whom) and whether it feels aligned to what really matters to you. East is the direction of beginnings. It’s the direction of the dawn and the new day. We are quite literally being offered a potent reset at the changing of the seasons. We are being offered a fresh start to write the chapter of our relationships anew. Perhaps it is time to renew vows, or alternatively to part ways? Often East energies when applied to relationships create the conditions for forgiveness and release of old hurts. Use this East energy to help you go deeper into resonance with those that walk the path with you. A deepening of hope and connection is sure to follow. 

Ultimately, these Ancestor and East energies weave beautifully into the guidance for your Abundance and Prosperity this month, the Time card. Prosperity is your birthright. There is a sacred nature to abundance, prosperity and money that is seldom talked about. Along with sex and politics, we are conditioned to believe that money is a “taboo” subject, not to be spoken of in “polite” company. But in truth, all exchange and commerce has its roots back to the sacred marketplace and the merchant priest and priestess. It’s time to return to those sacred roots. Let no one take that magic, potential and possibility away from you. By remembering the sacred nature of your time and worth, you place yourself back in the driver's seat of your wealth. The time upon you to align to more profound and aligned abundance is now. These are auspicious energies for tending to your money. - Lindsay

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