December 2023 Insights


Our nurturing Mother nature is called forth. How can we center deep care over capitalism this season? What is your relationship to parenting, caregiving, old age, dying and legacy? You made it around another turn of the wheel - what ritual are you intuitively guided to honor it with this year? Who or what was lost in the past 12 months? May we celebrate the dignity of the dead, and the grief that may accompany their departure. What parts of you are you laying to rest, and what do you choose to believe will live and thrive in the new year? Recall or research global shamanism practices for this solstice time. Release firm plans in the 3D and commit to wild roaming of your expanded consciousness. - Katina

“What you do for the One, you do for the All.”~ The Mystics Manifesto

In December, we see the Collective card guiding our Health and Wellbeing which has us thinking about how we fit into the bigger picture, and how the outer world impacts our own health. In the Mystics Path book, there is a manifesto that has us consider the profound interconnectedness between the individual and the collective. As has been said many times throughout the Covid-19 pandemic - “we are all in the same storm, but not in the same boat.” The choices you make have an impact not only on your journey but on all journeyers and even on the journey itself. This quote above from the Mystics Manifesto reminds us that there are ripples from every decision and every action. The smallest adjustment to the rudder of the ship can alter its trajectory and destination dramatically. Even the smallest shifts can have a tremendous impact downstream. We are not separate from either the current or the tide, from the boat or the others navigating the waters alongside us. This month, tend your ship’s rigging and sails with consciousness and care. Your physical vessel is worthy of this care and tending.

Our matters of the heart this month are guided by the card Air. Air is one of the elements cards and has been one of the most impactful elements for the last three years. Air rarely shows itself in its most peaceful states.But it shows itself clearly through the things that it touches, the ripple on water, the wind through the trees, the sound of windchimes. Air energies can be both subtle and also powerfully transformative. This month look for opportunities to bring “fresh air” to your relationships and matters of the heart. Where you find stagnation, open a window. Let the light and healing breezes flow in. Without air, we cannot live. Breathing new life is possible this month. Let yourself claim this potent medicine in all avenues of the heart this month. Your sense of connection, community and
love will prosper from this effort.

Transformation energies govern our Prosperity and Abundance this final month of the year. Remember that Transformation energies may feel uncertain and unseen but ultimately they offer the conditions ripe for allowing the change you’ve been desiring for some time. Transformation doesn’t show itself immediately as does Breakthrough energy, but trust that it is still happening. Keep your eyes out for the subtle ways your intention and conscious focus on your money this year show up in your financial matters. The allies to this aligned transformation are release, trust and consciousness allowing all you desire. The things that will inhibit this shift are holding on, staying stuck, or resisting change. Last month, the Children's card guided us to look at our finances from the eyes of the future generations. This month, we can allow that awareness to shift our financial behaviors to ensure that all we were shown can truly come into form. Let yourself transform. The  inquiry is “what have I outgrown, what am I shedding, what have I learned?” The affirmation is “I evolve.” It’s true, change is afoot. All the good seeds you have sown are gestating under the surface primed for rebirth and new growth in the new year. - Lindsay

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