January 2024 Insights


We begin our sacred 8 year of infinite potential feeling confident, creative, and capable of wielding the wand of our magical lives. There is strong forward momentum already underway, and on New Year’s Day Mercury, in the optimistic and adventurous sign of Sagittarius, will station direct after its end of year retrograde. That leaves only Uranus retrograde in Taurus, continuing our reflection and outside-the-box visioning about personal material security based on aligned values and inner resources of self-worth, skill, and ability. But by end of month on the same day, as the Leo full moon of our hearts hopes and wishes for a brighter future, Uranus stations direct while the planets of blessing, positive expansion, and abundance meet in supportive alignment with each other and Saturn, the master architect of material reality. This is a strong finish to an already promising new year! - Katina 

“Awareness is the bridge to Consciousness.” ~ The Mystics Path

Transformation | Above | Discernment

January kicks off with the energies of Transformation guiding our Health and Wellbeing. There is change afoot and what better way to kick off the new calendar year than by following the path of Transformation to the changes that will most serve your body and mind in the months to come. When we see the Transformation card we are reminded that change does not happen overnight. Lasting and meaningful change comes from small incremental steps made consistently over time. The good news is that although transformation requires commitment, diligence and patience, when following this path one can expect the change achieved to be lasting, unlike the fleeting results that come from drastic or unsustainable measures. Take your time to really evaluate where you are vis a vis your health this month. Where you really are. What have you been ignoring or putting off? It is time to excavate and go deeper to assess and resolve. The time is upon us for radical honesty about your needs and desires. Your pathway to a truly thriving health journey begins by going deep into your roots and determining exactly what shift has been waiting to take root. The energies favor your efforts in this vein this month. 

Similarly with the Above card guiding our Relationships, we are being offered the insight that our relationships are seeking a higher level of support and guidance. The Above card reminds us to lift our eyes beyond the horizon even to the heavens above. Do not be afraid to call upon your Higher self and that of those in your heart space in order to create deeper and more meaningful connections. If you are seeking love, return to your vision for your true picture of what would serve your highest good. If you are in a relationship that could use positive shifts, consider starting with a creative scene, or a vision board of sorts, in order to clearly convey what transformation in your heart space wants to look like. This year we kick off our matters of the heart by looking above. Roots down, wings up.

As we look to our finances, or the transformational lever that governs our “Prosperity and Abundance,” we are being guided this month by the card Discernment. Discernment invites you to look beyond the binary of yes versus no, right versus wrong, stop versus go. Discernment would have you look for the “third door.” The space between that avoids the extremes and instead takes a measured and informed view. Whenever we see Discernment in the context of money we are guided to be conscious and awake when it comes to your finances. These January energies set a precedent for the year to come. 2024 will be a year where we are meant to think deeply when it comes to investments, earning and spending. This is not the year to jump and the net will appear. Take your time, weigh the options, evaluate the middle ground, and preserve your options. The more pooling you can amass this year the more security you will experience in navigating the unknown. 

Overall, January offers all the ingredients needed for not only the month ahead, but the year ahead as well. As always, start the year off with present awareness. Allow the flow of energy around you to illuminate your intentions for the year ahead. Transformation - Above - and Discernment energies are here to guide you and be allies to you on your journey forward. - Lindsay

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