The cards on the 2024 altar anchor energies that will support and guide you as the year unfolds.
~ Altar: Below (24) Clarifying: Right Livelihood (10)
~ Health & Wellbeing: Discernment (20)
~ Relationships: Above (23)
~ Prosperity: Sacred Masculine (4)

As in all years, our first card for the Almanac divination is pulled in the Spring by Sarah Love and offers the first glimpse into the overarching guiding energies of the year ahead. This card pulled by Sarah Love marks the commencement of the divination for each year’s “I Stand for Love” calendar; she first taps into the energies of the year ahead. In this creation cycle, the card that showed itself for 2024 was the Below card. The first card on the altar - Below. Like a peek through the portal of time, the Below card established our first glimpse into the messages and guidance for the year ahead. 

The Below card, one of the “eight” directions, direction 5, is number 14 in the Mystics Oracle deck. The energy of the Below card reminds us that we will have to go deep to find our way. The year ahead holds a wide- open field of potential. Our destiny could truly go any way, but it is clear a collective awakening is upon us. 2024 will shock us into facing the realities before us. This will be a year of emergence from our collective state where far too many were still asleep, still averting their eyes from the truth before them. But to achieve clear sight, we must first revisit our roots. A tree is only as strong, healthy, and resilient as its connection to the earth below. As with a shamanic journey, we must journey into the depths to surface with understanding of how to proceed.

The intersection of Below and Right Livelihood...

Diving deep so we can claim our Right Livelihood invites us to integrate our purpose and our legacy work in new ways. So, this is the time to walk in deep inquiry when it comes to decisions about your purpose in the year ahead. You are your own best guide. You are writing the legacy of your life’s path; don’t be afraid to dive deep and follow your roots. Uproot what is tangled or root bound. Transplant what needs fresh soil and more beneficial conditions for growth. With Below and Right Livelihood as our altar cards and anchoring energies for the year, we must lean into trust, hope, and discernment. It can be daunting to pause and deeply examine the origins of the collective state of being, but we can no longer continue to build on a foundation rife with holes.

The Discernment card governing your health this year invites you into deeper healing, empathy, and connection with your body, mind, and soul. With discernment, you can release what no longer serves you and align to exactly what your body is craving. Discernment shows you what is true. It reminds you that all the answers are within you if you give yourself the time and space to come fully aware of what would best serve you from the inside out this month. Discernment reminds us that we must release judgment and discern our way forward when it comes to our collective and individual health. The Discernment card is number 17, an 8, evoking transformation through clear sight.

The Above card in the realm of our Relationships & Heart for 2024 seeks to call us higher in our connections and matters of the heart. In 2023 we saw violence escalate across the globe. In 2024 we are guided to act from a higher place and to place humanity and human interests over the conflicts we have failed to heal in the past or fail to resolve in the present. Here in this year of possibilities, we ask ourselves how to act from a higher consciousness when it comes to the relationships in life. The energies that inhibit the medicine of the Above include skepticism, blame, and rigidity. The energies that support matters of the heart will be those that move you beyond your ego and reconnect you to your higher self and Source.

The Sacred Masculine card energies create the path to prosperity in 2024 Sacred Masculine energies are steady and consistent. A Buddhist phrase, “chop wood, carry water,” can act as a guiding affirmation for you in how you approach making money or growing your wealth this year. Seek areas to use your privilege to provide for yourself, your community, and the collective. When Sacred Masculine shows itself, you have the opportunity for new pathways of support and nurturing. Prosperity can be collaborative. Look for ways to say “yes” to unexpected offers and opportunities this year.

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