WEAVING TRADITIONS by Insight from Ifa (The Wisdom of Nature)


IFA (the wisdom of nature) greets the Modern Mystics with an invitation to initiate and expand. 2023 gave the opportunity to explore self spirituality, divine femininity, and what it is to nurture self. The universal year 8 energy of 2024 will allow you to be the judge of how you move forward. It resonates with authority, self-confidence, inner strength, inner wisdom, social status, and ego. At the same time, it has love for humanity and a desire for peace. IFA says it’s time to initiate, return to your why, and complete what you started. Don’t give up or give in. Being honest with self and staying focused on spirit and not ego will be key to ensuring the fulfillment of intentions and goals. Know that all that glitters is not gold and take serious consideration of what you give your attention to. Surround yourself with a positive social atmosphere and those who will assist, support, and encourage you along your journey. IFA recommends avoiding conflicts and confrontations, however, if they arrive to settle things peacefully. Some conflicts can’t be won, but you may find the beauty in the experience to overcome any obstacles or distractions. It is a time to use more logic and less imagination. There is a phrase that says “common sense isn’t common for everyone,” so be mindful of judging people and give grace. Be more of an observer to decide what’s in alignment for you, your purpose and destiny, as well as your mental and emotional health. This year, it is imperative to use discernment and tend to your relationship with yourself, your spirit, and your purpose so you may keep balance. Any emotional unrest can or will lead to practical errors. Be honest about how you feel, then process and transmute the energy into something positive. Rely on previous experiences to move differently when the energy returns to test your knowing.

IFA says to stop being so serious. Use spiritual insight to appreciate the joys of life. When considering that the financial costs of things are shifting, some may be concerned about money. Therefore, those people aren’t able to appreciate the simple things. The word “spending” can create a block in receiving money. Changing how you view it can make a major difference. It is an energetic exchange, an investment, and/or an opportunity. However, if there is no gratitude or appreciation then there is no positive reinforcement. IFA speaks of there being opportunities to invest by looking at other forms of currency, investments, bartering, or other chances to save. For those who are entrepreneurs or seeking to become one, what old flames can you rekindle regarding your approach to your projects, ideas, and goals? IFA says to return to the passion you had at the time of your initial thought and intention. The energy behind this can fuel gaining more supporters, and a lack of this passion will cause you to lose supporters. If you are desirous of another position, career, or business, is it due to this lack of passion? If so, why? Don’t cheat on yourself because of losses in the past. Cut ties from the things of the old and trust the universe as you give your attention to things in alignment with your initial intention. It will be your generosity and honesty that lead to success and love.

There is an emphasis on spirituality this year, with less focus on money and material things. 2024 will require assertiveness for you to avoid emotional stress and anxiety. Mental health is of the utmost importance as things continue to be revealed. Deep secrets will continue to surface individually and collectively, as things that were considered to be conspiracies are now coming to light in truth. IFA says God favors those who tell the truth and those who confront situations with honesty and integrity instead of being temperamental. 

Many will be going through an emotional spiritual awakening. Spiritual hygiene can mitigate any temporal focus. IFA says we all have the knowledge and ability to solve our problems. However, some are refusing to take responsibility for their activities. Many may come off as a know-it-all or arrogant, so be mindful of this energy. Developing spiritually doesn’t always mean the road will be easy or all light and love. It is one's character in the process that will make the year mystical and magical. 2024 is considered a year of judgment, so be very mindful of judging others and looking at their lives in comparison or competition with your own. This year will have you considering which relationships to end or begin, and the relationship starts with yourself. 

Consider asking yourself the following questions: What is my intention? What is my purpose? Where does my passion lie? To what do I give my attention the most? What do I need to initiate or complete? What gives me peace of mind? What feeds my soul? What feels good to my body, mind, and soul? Who and what has been consistent in my life that doesn’t feel in alignment? What do I need to cut the cord from that doesn’t feel good to my well-being? 

IFA says victory over adversaries is here. As you tend to yourself, be sure to give yourself grace and avoid being your own adversary. Be sure to take spiritual baths often to clear your energy field. Being mindful, be clear in thought and do not go deep down a rabbit hole that isn’t in alignment with your intention. The ancestors are present and desire direction on how to assist you on your mystic journey, so be sure to include them in your daily acknowledgements. The acknowledgement could be calling their names, telling a story about an experience with them, cooking their favorite meals, watching a television show or movie they loved, etc. The key to success this year is tending to your ancestors as well as your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health. May you walk in your divine mysticism and create beautiful opportunities to receive infinite bliss and love in all forms that align with your highest good. 

In truth, love, and alchemy,
Iya Kemi 

ABOUT Iya Kemi Fayemi

Priest of IFA and Olorisa (Yemonja and Osun Priestess) and Sound Alchemist
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