A Love Song to Women’s Deep Visceral Wisdom by Mariana Bandarra


The belly has been forbidden. Persecuted. It is a target of heavy artillery and chemical weapons. The war against the belly is above all a war against being woman. Whatever their shape or size, it is inside women's bellies that life, laughter, and creation are born. Loving the belly is transgressive. It is a revolutionary act of healing.

Both inside and outside of beauty standards, women have been taught to take up as little space as possible. My place in the world is right here: marked by the dark dot of my navel. Attempting to cover up or hide the size of my body can never diminish its magnitude, as it stands firmly on the ground, surrounded by infinite spaciousness. The body is the container in which I can have my share; infinitesimal yet boundless. The belly is luminous.

I am one woman, but I am also many. The belly remembers. Trespassed by the solar plexus, it is a catalyst of personal power, of visceral consciousness. From the belly emanates a wild, ancient force of movement and pure vitality. The belly possesses intelligence and sensitivity too. The belly longs to be loved.

In the belly intuition grabs hold of me, and the fluttering butterflies of true desire have me trembling. Deep within, that which nourishes me is slowly but surely feeding my creations. The belly is a place of transformation. A portal between the immaterial and the manifest.

From this moment on, all prohibitions are lifted. Not just that, but I declare the belly sacred. It is now to be anointed through oils and caresses, nourished by seeds and warmth. Restored to its unequivocal glory, to finally reclaim its throne. In the belly lives a queen.

The belly is revolutionary.

ABOUT Mariana Bandara

Mariana Bandarra is an artist, strategist and mystic with a revolutionary disposition. From circles to podcasts to devotional chanting, her work aims to inspire sustainable self-expression and awaken radical self-compassion. Drawing on a mix of ancient wisdom and contemporary findings, Mariana helps women and groups rediscover their wild brilliance, harness their personal power and find their authentic voice.

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