March 2024 Insights


March begins as Sun harmonizes with Jupiter, and Chiron remains in unity with the North Node. There are strong Aquarius and Pisces energies here, two signs of vision and hope that function in very different ways. Aquarius harnesses the power of higher mind in the Air element, while Pisces trusts Divine guidance in the spirit realms of Ether and Water. Aries and Taurus are also strongly highlighted, two signs of self-reliance and identity who also have their difference in approach. Aries instinctually burns through fear to access courage in the flames of Fire, while Taurus grounds in the Earth intelligence of the body which offers guidance to authentic desires through self-valuing discernment. Venus square Uranus in mutual reception, as each planet inhabits the domain of the other, signals tension activating  awareness of what truly matters most to us now with the incisive ability to trim fat as necessary. Mars then harmonizes with the North Node in its home sign of Aries and brings its outerdimensional instruction for refining the new path forward. This month’s astrology is not comfortable as all planets rub elbows and bid for power to influence the energy in their unique way, occupying only 4 signs in the entire zodiac wheel! This means that all inner planets that guide our daily experiences are meeting with the outer planets that curate our long-term transformation. While intense, this causes the kind of alchemical friction that ignites creative brilliance and determination..- Katina

"Deep listening, sacred inquiry, and even divination can help you find a pathway forward that, while perhaps not completely free of conflict or tension, will allow more room for flow." ~ The Mystics Path

Elementals | Discernment | Moon  

The roots you explored and hopefully rooted down in January and February will call for deep tending In March. The grounding benefits of those roots and the stability they provide will act as a tap root and indicator of strength and resilience to navigate the potential tensions over the moons to come. Trust in your need for space to breathe and discern this month. What is right for the person next to you, might bear no resemblance to what is right for you. Keep your eyes on your own paper and move confidently in the direction of your own resonance. To navigate your path in March you must know yourself deeply, truly and with total honesty. Try not to rush your process or give in to conflict or power struggles. Giving yourself time this month to continue to focus on peacemaking within and outside of you, and grounding what matters most to you will be well worth the effort. Deep roots support healthy growth and bear the sweetest fruit. 

When it comes to your Health and Wellbeing, Elementals guides your way. The guidance and medicine of the Elementals card is to remind you there is magic and wonder in the world. Given the opportunities for transformation available to you in 2024, let the Elementals card remind you to look for the sparkle and the wonder in all that you do for your health. For example, refine your core routines from “walk 10,000 steps” to “walk until my heart is singing” or “until I see four birds” or “until I am daydreaming again.” Make things fun. Lighten up on your approach. The new healing before you will not come from discipline and consistency alone, it will come from devotion and delight as well. Look for the magical liminal spaces where light dances on the water and fairy songs rustle in the wind through the trees. Try to remember when you were a part of all things magical. 

The Discernment card governs our Heart and Relationships this month. Discernment encourages us not to get trapped in judgement or rigidity but instead to take time to truly discern what is at  play in any given situation and what wants to be learned from the blessing and burdens of connection. If you are seeking love, take your time and ask great questions. If you are seeking to deepen or improve your relationships, really ask yourself what you bring to the table and how you can first affect change within yourself. Discernement is a powerful ally of peace. It can temper tempers and shine the light on deeper, more rewarding relationships. Resist the urge to jump to conclusions this month. Steady as she goes. 

When it comes to money matters in March, the Moon card guides your Prosperity and Abundance. Moon energies remind us that there is ebb and flow to all things. Money may come and go this month. Or you may be being reminded that seasons of prosperity can follow seasons of scarcity. Do not be attached. Allow yourself to reflect the light on what wants to be seen and allow change in ways that serve the greater long term goal. The Moon is said to be our “grandmother” of the ethers and she guides with a loving but ever changing hand. Anything you can do to hold things lightly financially this month while allowing room for positive shifts will serve you well. This is a month of contrasts. Its most simplified message is not to jump into anything new. Take the high road where you can and allow for the rhythms to show themselves and play themselves out. Remember there is joy and magic in the little things. - Lindsay

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