It IS time, dear Mystics, to rise up and do your thing. To fly your freak flag, to ask for help, to go deeper, to do the healing work, to heal yourself, and to divide and conquer based on your Unique Contribution to this Planet.

It’s foolish to think otherwise, or of anything other than your vital contribution to the world right now and HOW MUCH you really, truly matter. 

We know that it can feel daunting, crushing, overwhelming, and utterly frustrating to live in our current world. As Mystics, we desire for things to be different, we hope and wish and can SEE so much more that IS possible – if only people would wake up and do something different – and alas, we must keep the hope torch and the flame of light strong. 

We ARE the torch bearers of light.

We ARE the changemakers, the healers, the doers, the dreamers, and the visionaries here on this planet to enact the change that we truly desire to see.

Now is the time to DIG DEEPER, NOT to run for the hills or fall into default patterns of hopelessness, overthinking (aka analysis paralysis), or overcontemplating whether we matter and if anything we do will EVER really amount to anything substantial.

Start this year by doing an inventory of how you walk and carry yourself through the world, and the daily moment-to-moment difference that you make.

How do you interact with your children?

How do you inspire your inner circle and your friends?

How do you show kindness and model patience in a world that moves so fast and feels like an endless shit show most of the time?

YOU behave differently in the world because of your mission, vision, and soul’s purpose.

You, Dear One, are a bona fide Mystic.

Your energy changes worlds.

Your soul speaks volumes just by being.

Your connection to the invisible realms and your mastery with energy can shift entire frequencies and move mountains with only your thoughts.

Yes, YOU, dear Mystic are this powerful.

Don’t let this overwhelm you.

Rather, let it inspire you. Let it ignite new sparks of possibilities and fuel your flame of light and of change.

2024 is the year of POSSIBILITIES.

2024 is the year to go bigger than you thought was possible and to live IN the realm and energy of possibilities.

This requires you to dig deep within yourself and to ask:

“What am I here to do?”

“What is MY role to play, and do I wish to take on this role right now?”

“What is required of me to model the kind of leadership that’s being called of me?”

“Where do I feel empowered to step into that role, and where do I feel fear and resistance toward that role?”

These are the questions to ask yourself – the questions that will create the answers that both your soul and the world long to hear.

Here’s the really good news: the answers are coming because YOU are on this planet, actively magnetizing them to you and weaving them in the fabric of your soul’s contribution to the Divine good of all.

You don’t have to bite off more than you can chew.

Rather, you get to ask yourself what you want to chew and how much of it.

Discernment is your greatest ally in this year of possibilities. 

This is the year to open yourself up more to the world, to connect more to it, to embrace people, challenges, and opportunities, and to step out of your Mystic
safe havens into the world. 

Be bolder.

Ask more questions.

Ask more of yourself and of others.

Be willing to say what’s not being said.

Be willing to reclaim the potency of self-care and of prioritizing yourself above all others.

When you care for yourself, you care for the world simultaneously. You and the world are one and the same, remember, Dear One?

We ask that you pray for the world and your fellow Men and Women.

We ask that you invite new possibilities and paradigms to emerge and make themselves known.

We ask that you presence yourself to your power and the potency you have. In your daily life, you activate change and possibilities for others just by being, but
we ask you to also, please, keep a bigger vision for the world simultaneously. 

Act locally and think globally, pretty please.

This is how you cultivate balance, acting on what’s yours to alchemize without overdoing it.

This is how you embrace your interconnectedness with the world while also staying in your own lane and protecting your own energy.

This is how you show the world a better way: by taking care of yourself. 

If there is a core theme to this year, it is selfcare as a priority, a necessity, and a way of modeling a new paradigm. 

This is not only for your fellow Mystics to stop old martyrdom patterns. It is also for the world to be reminded that self-care IS the foundation for everything in the world to change. 

The new paradigm for Mystic Leadership and soulful leadership, in general, is ensuring that the leader IS at the center of their wheel and is the number one priority in their lives, ABOVE all and everyone else. 

We are flipping the old paradigm that supported, encouraged, and praised martyrdom, over-doing, over-working, self-sacrifice, and burn out. Instead, we welcome a paradigm where the leader is deeply nourished, filled to the brim with energy, joy, and hope. The leader will reclaim their full power and sovereignty, then model this on a daily basis for all to see and claim for themselves.

Let’s not forget, Dear Ones, that the old paradigms were designed to keep the powerful few in power and the healers at bay, marginalized and misunderstood
so others feared them, rather than working WITH them to embrace their own power. 

The time has come to change this pivotal pattern and invite all into their powers, and to bring heaven AND Earth to play together.

This is the time to normalize healing, Mysticism, and energy work.

This is the time to enforce self-mastery and self acceptance.

This is the time to say NO to tyranny and any form of power that stands OVER another or FEELS tyrannical and oppressive in nature. 

These can be small gestures that cut us down, or big collective ones. The thread is that we KNOW when we feel marginalized. The first step toward stopping
this corrosive pattern diluting our Mystical powers is to identify it and to call it out. 

We will NOT be marginalized.

We will NOT be sidelined.

We will NOT go quietly.

We will NOT be silenced.

We will NOT be disenfranchised.

We will NOT be oppressed.

We will NOT be villainized.

We will NOT be told what to do or to say.

We will NOT conform, cower, or hide any longer.

We are here to stay.

We are here to heal.

We are here to change the world.

Plain and simple.

Divinely and humanly.

Potently and gently.

Kindly and aggressively when needed.

We will move stealthily when called for and loudly when warranted.

We ARE the changemakers.

We ARE the healers who are HEALING the world’s energy, collaborating with Mother Earth to keep her alive, AND we are saving ourselves as we change the
face of what it means to be Modern Mystics. 

We ARE the Modern Mystics who have also been healers, potent Shamans, and Wisdom Keepers for lifetimes, lineages, and the ages.

We are no stranger to our power.

We are no stranger to our mission and the potency of our healing capacities.

We are no “flash in the pan” warriors who run out of steam quickly.

Our flame burns eternally.

There is no beginning and no end to our mission. We are here for it all and we stand up to it all. We claim it for ourselves, our Mystic Hero’s journey, AND we
embrace it for the world.

What we do for the one, we indeed do for the WHOLE.

In this year of POSSIBILITIES, we are ever so reminded of our INTERCONNECTEDNESS, of our COLLECTIVE BELONGING AND STRENGTH. 

Imagine a spiderweb made of such strong, tight string that it is unbreakable. It may bounce and  stretch, but it doesn’t collapse or break. 


Because it is resilient as all hell.

It knows how to bounce back, because every member of the collective adds their superpowers and medicine to make it strong and unshakable. 


The world may make you waiver in your belief and in your resolve, at times, and we are sorry for that.

But let that not be an excuse to back down from the Truth of who you truly ARE: an eternal light, shining brightly for all to see the glory that is the Human Spirit and what we can truly create when we join forces for good.

And yes, there is a lot of bad in the world. The contrast is being magnified, inviting the flame of light to amplify and to shift the balance of power. 

Don’t let the darkness, the chaos, or the hopelessness fool you. 

Stay focused on the Truth: contrast is here to awaken others and to deepen YOUR awakening into your power, vision, mission, and potency.

Use the collective shit show as your personal shift into potency, possibility, and prosperity for you AND the collective.

Use your eagle eyes to see BEYOND the fearmongering and limited perspectives of the world. 

The world won’t and can’t go to shit. We are here to make sure of that. 

So, rise up, dear Mystic.

Pick up your baton, brush off your wand, and sharpen your sword. Let’s march forward with courage, strength, conviction, and compassion, for the world
will be healed by the healers healing the world.

And so it is.

Remember – all is well.

Remember – all is working out in your and the collective’s favour.

Remember – you’ve got this.

The world has got this.

Have a little faith.

Keep your eyes on the prize.

And have a ball living your life and making your most magical contribution to the world.

Again, you’ve got this.

Again, march on with love and joy.

BE the change.

Be the model of a new paradigm of leadership.

Lighten your energetic load by bringing more levity into your life, work, and worldview.

Do your healing work for yourself and add more levity into how you show up in your contribution. 

The world is already heavy enough. Be the light that invites levity and brightness forth.

You are ALL so LOVED.

All is well.

And so it is.

Have a blessed year FILLED with magical possibilities,contributions, and interconnectedness.

{Records Closed}.

- Priscilla

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