Modern Mystic Mary Sage Sennewald

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Tell us about you and what you do, and tell us about your family:

How do you stay healthy, resilient and vibrant?

What does being a Mystic look like on a daily basis?

Tell us about your path to creating your path right livelihood (and what does Right Livelihood mean to you)

How have you integrated your innate talent and Mystic Arts into your life? What challenges did you face in this integrative process?

What important lesson would you share with an earlier version of yourself, or to somebody who is just now exploring what a mystical path might mean to them?

If there was only one thing a person could find the energy and resources to make a priority, what should it be?

What is your favorite inspirational quote?

What drew you to the Mystics Society and Modern Mystics Institute. How did you connect with Lindsay?