April Insights

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April is a month of new beginnings that represent great healing for our sense of self, capability, and independent drive. We can experience a sweet sense of comfort, pleasure, and newfound stability but we will be quickly reminded that the work of building our best lives in the new world continues so we cannot get complacent. Hold the
vision and stay the course. 

However, we can enjoy this energy of reprieve and continue toward our greater ideals by sinking deeper into gratitude, trust, divine g…

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Spring Equinox

Here in the North we invite the energies of the East...of Spring.

Let yourself be guided by the directions into the new....

Spring Equinox Wheel - The New
E: New Dawn
SE: New Day
S: New Path
SW: New Joy
W: New Connections
NW: New Reflections
N: New Vision
NE: New Dreams

For our friends in the Southern lands...

Autumn Equinox Wheel - The Claiming
E: Claim Appreciation
SE: Claim Joy
S: Claim Harvest
SW: Claim Celebration
W: Claim Gratitude & Exhale
NW: Claim Reflectio…

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