April Insights

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April is a month of new beginnings that represent great healing for our sense of self, capability, and independent drive. We can experience a sweet sense of comfort, pleasure, and newfound stability but we will be quickly reminded that the work of building our best lives in the new world continues so we cannot get complacent. Hold the
vision and stay the course. 

However, we can enjoy this energy of reprieve and continue toward our greater ideals by sinking deeper into gratitude, trust, divine guidance, and creativity. It’s an excellent time to offer selfless support to others who could benefit from our compassion and altruism. Some may struggle with overindulgence and turn to escapist tendencies if the future is not arriving fast enough. People with serious addictions can have a hard time so for Mystics, it is important to stay close to Spirit, keep the collective in our prayers, and listen for divine cues on the next aligned action steps. 

By the second week, the driving forward energy will settle down and we’ll have cause to celebrate, enjoy the spring blooms of our fall and winter intentions, and rest for a bit. Eat well, delight in all the senses, pamper the body and tend your gardens. After so much push and change, we’ll need some time to recover and a lag in our motivation to do more is natural. Check-in on what you’ve accomplished in the last 6  months. What can we congratulate each other on achieving? Where is balance still needed? And what completions in a relationship or legal issues have restored some peace to our lives? Brilliant ideas may channel through us in mid-April about anything from our health, to our gifts, money, and assets, how we want to utilize them, improve upon them and/or exchange them with others. - Katina

What magical divination this month! As we move from March to April we see the Love card moving from the self to the other, from governing our individual Health and
Wellbeing to governing our Relationships and Heart. Last month we saw both the Love card and Star card as well. A continuation of energy gives us the chance to revisit or claim what we might not have had time to focus on last month. Where before the Love card governed our Health & Wellbeing and the Star card was the guide of our Relationships, this month, Balance replaces Love in guiding the energies of our health, and Love and Star move over one seat to guide our Relationships and Prosperity respectively. This is a fascinating turn of energetic events. Utterly uncommon and signaling a persistent message from the ethers.

When a message is important, it persists until we really get the medicine and integrate the message. It is as if Spirit is saying - and did you hear? Did you love yourself, truly, deeply? And now can you bring that love into all your relationships? What would that even look like? Can we love more deeply? Could we let love guide healing in the fabric of our social systems so strained and bruised as they are? Love offers the medicine of the  “unconditional” pathways of compassion, forgiveness, and reverence. You can practice taking it slow. Love the loveable reaches within us all. Remember that sometimes the most loving thing you can do is liberate yourself from that which is “unloving” around you. - Lindsay

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