Angel Mantras

As we near the holiday season, it’s no secret that one of the biggest sources of stress can surround our families. And our most intimate relationships. It is also a time of great joy and love and the good news is that no matter what you’re going through right now, you don’t have to do it alone. You have Angels. There are angels that can assist you with everything from how to deal with you annoying mother-in-law to how to keep your sanity when your toddler tosses your favorite ring down the toilet and they are on standby, just waiting for you to step aside and let them help! They can come in many forms and their presence to you may appear as feathers, coins you find on the street, or even through that helpful stranger waiting behind you in line at the grocery store. But oftentimes, we don’t recognize them or even remember to stop and ask for assistance. We are too busy going down our to-do list, getting the decorations put up for Halloween, making travel arrangements for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and oftentimes, we go to the bottom of the list, right?

One of the fastest ways to connect with them is to use Angel mantras.

Angel mantras are channeled declarations that hold a high energetic resonance and can help you summon Angelic assistance through the power of your voice. Here are five of my favorite Angel mantras that you can use to release stress, create greater harmony with the people you love, and find peace.

How to use these mantras: I’ve selected five core feelings that we tend to experience stress around with our family and an accompanying mantra to help you shift out of those feelings. 1.Read them first, breathing deeply, absorbing the energy of each. 2. Then, with full intent to call in the Angels, say each mantra out loud three times. Each time, pay attention to your body and stay as present as you can. 3. Finally, close your eyes and say aloud or silently to yourself, “Thank you Angels for assisting me right now.” That’s it!

Angel Mantras for Family Harmony and Peace with Diana Dorell
  1.  For not feeling heard or seen in your family
“I AM important. My voice is important. It is safe for me to speak and stand in my Truth with my family.”
  1. For feeling controlled or micro-managed 
“I AM responsible for my own actions. I let go and assert myself with grace and ease.” 
  1. For feeling like you are not living up to your family’s expectations 
“I AM unique. My true path is perfect for me. I now set the spiritual standard for all my life choices.” 
  1. For comparing yourself to another in your family 
“I AM connected to everyone and everything. Another’s success is evidence of my own potential for success. I celebrate myself and others!”
  1. For feeling as if you are not being treated as an adult 
(This can happen with parents around the holidays especially!) “I AM powerful.  It is safe for me to stand in my power. I honor my inner Child and allow my Higher Self to take the lead.”

As you continue to use these mantras daily, you will notice when your choices and actions are out of alignment or in alignment with the words. The real power of these mantras is less about the words themselves and more about how you course-correct and get yourself back on track so you become the words. With practice, getting through the holiday season with the family will be easier and you’ll actually have time and energy to enjoy that extra slice of pumpkin pie! Take action: Now over to you. Which of the five mantras above do you resonate with? What would you like the Angels to assist you with?

With Love and Blessings, Diana Dorell

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So what do you think?  Have Angel Mantras eluded you? And are you ready to create a shift in your relationship to success and money?  I'd love to hear more in the comments below...