The Two Pauses

There are two pauses to be mindful of… the pause at the end of the inbreath and the pause at the end of the outbreath.

After we breathe in and gather there comes the upbeat, the pause… This is the raising of the conductor’s baton just before he beats the first beat. It is the “and” of the dance teacher letting the class know they need to be poised and ready. Then with the outbreath, the downbeat, the “1”, come the expansion of energy, of action, of engagement, of letting go… At the end of the exhalation there is a beautiful pause. The pause in which to let go of the thoughts. The pause into the big blue sky. This is the stillness that gives us time. It is the stillness where we let go and survey the landscape. Then we breathe in and we gather up again, we pause and let go again into the stillness. And so it is. This tapping script is for the pause that we need when we feel overwhelmed – it is the pause which comes when we stop trying to hold onto the inbreath, and allow the outbreath…

To learn about EFT Tapping go here You can download the Tapping Points here

Tapping for the pause Even though things seem to be going quickly, I love and accept myself. Even though life is accelerating, and I have so much to do, and I feel rushed (overwhelmed/anxious), I love and accept myself Even though I have a lot to do and I want to do it, I also want to slow down, and I deeply and completely love and accept myself This busyness This list of things to do These things that I really want to do These new ideas This Spring awakening I am so excited So much to achieve So much to grow into It feels a bit too much I'm telling myself I need to drive on I hear the voice saying work hard Don't waste your time You have so much to do... Feeling excited Feeling rushed Feeling excited Feeling like I want to do it right now This excitement Maybe it's OK to slow down Maybe I don't have to do it right now Maybe I can rest in the pause Perhaps it's OK to rest in the pause Like the end of the outbreath The inbreath always follows I allow myself to rest in the pause Resting in the pause Taking time I have all the time in the world I can do what I need to do There is time The inbreath will always follow Enjoying the rest Enjoying the presence Enjoying the grounding This moment This pause Then put one hand on your heart and one on your belly and breathe into them. Feel the connection. You are perfect just the way you are.  


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