The Power of Divine Feminine Leadership

"The only safe ship in a storm is leadership" ~ Faye Wattelson

During the Vancouver Peace Summit in 2009, the Dalai Lama said, “The world will be saved by the Western woman.” This statement, requoted on just about every platform imaginable, was a call felt around the world.

This call to action to the “western woman” is our opportunity. It asks us to take responsibility to find the way in which we can answer the call. The world is begging for a more compassionate, connective, and peaceful approach to change and to leadership. Who better than us, the world changers, creatives, and sensitives, to step up and into the light of this call?

How do we do it?

Where is our community?

What are the steps toward leadership and what new vocabulary is needed?

These questions have been at the forefront of my own sacred inquiry for months.

It is my calling and passion to help align women to their own divine path and purpose.  How can I support you in stepping into the light of your power and claim your voice in the dialog for Leadership today? And, how do I continue to claim my own?

As so often happens when we hold space for sacred inquiry, the response from the Universe to my inquiry has been swift and profound.

As a collective, we are hungry for a new way. As stewards of this planet, we know it is time. And as a global community, I truly believe we have no other choice than to find a new way.

This is not our mothers’ Feminist movement.

This is not our Grandmothers’ Suffragist movement.

This is a new dialog that builds on those movements.  This dialog prepares us for today’s challenges and those that lie ahead with new hope, new sources of inspiration, new vocabulary, and a new set of skills.

I was called to compile some of the key processes I have witnessed in the inspiring women transformational leaders I am blessed to know  I offer them to you as your own call to action, your own stepping stones toward claiming the leadership and voice you are being called to bring forth.

8 Attributes of the New Paradigm Feminine Leader

These attributes are especially applicable to business and entrepreneurial endeavors that express your soul purpose and path and serve to bring your gifts more fully into the world. They also apply to modern mystics, mamas, and cultural creatives.  It all starts with your awareness and acceptance that the world needs your light and your voice.

Answer the call.

1. Accessing your "Why"

In any endeavor, it’s essential that you stay connected to your “why.” Your “why” is what lights you up, and what you believe in. Why am I doing this? What is my purpose? What are my deeper values? We sometimes have a tendency to get too distracted by the hows and whats: “How should I do this?” “What should I be doing?” Neither of these matters if you aren’t doing it for the right reason. Your why keeps you connected to the divine flow, which brings resonance and prosperity

2. Your Zone of Genius

I believe we’re all put on this planet for a unique purpose. Your Zone of Genius is the area where you feel challenged. You are inspired by that challenge to lift yourself to a higher level of performance. It’s where you’re at your peak, creatively, energetically, and powerfully. If there are parts of your day, life, or work that feel heavy or unaligned, invite in support or resources. How can those pieces get done in new ways? The more you can delegate the heaviness and stay true to your own zone of genius the more you can shine your light and claim your power.

3. Do the Inner Work

Doing soul-based work creating, writing, serving as a way of bringing up patterns, beliefs, and blocks that hamper our ability to truly access our gifts. Our response is often to just push on, to look past it, and keep going. However, these patterns, beliefs, and blocks are a learning opportunity. Look at what’s happening for you, invite the resistance in, explore it, dialog with it, acknowledge it, accept it, and let alchemy happen. How can you gain deeper understanding and awareness of this?

4. Sacred Commerce

Money is a tricky one for many of us. Most of us have some kind of story we hold about money. “My gift should be given freely.”  “I’m not worthy to charge what I’m worth.”  “I’ll never have enough.” It’s time to clear those old stories and do the work. Money is simply another form of energy, a medium of exchange. Rather than a force for competition, money is a divine exchange, supporting your divine purpose. If you’re truly connected to your why, in your zone, and doing your work, then you’re already in the realm of sacred commerce. Step outside of your old story and allow the universe to provide a divine exchange for your unique gifts.

5. Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine

We live in a time when the feminine is being called to step forward out of the shadows. Strengthening the Feminine doesn’t mean it’s time to squash the Masculine. When we talk masculine and feminine, we’re not talking about men and women. We’re talking about the masculine within you, or for men, their inner feminine. We all embody both energies. Our continued, balanced personal growth and development demands that we bring the feminine and masculine energies into a dynamic balance where the supple, receiving feminine is mated with the achieving and driving masculine.

6. Emotional Alchemy

How we learn from our emotional experience is a huge vector for sinking into our feminine power and leadership. Trying to deny envy, fear, comparisonitis, or doubt, will not give you the full medicine of these emotions. If you’re feeling challenged, scared, desperate, stuck, or angry, invite the feeling in. Inquire, meditate, and listen. Each emotional challenge is actually a powerful ally in moving through the layers and claiming divine purpose and path. If necessary, seek mentorship from an experienced elder.

7. Community

It is truly time to embrace the community. The more we can be in circle with a support system of like-minded people, the more we can accelerate our leadership journey. Community exposes us to new ideas and opportunities. Invite in those who are willing to push you, to mirror you, to show you where you’re on and where you aren’t, to shed light on your shadows.

8. Co-creation

I’m passionate about this. Ultimately, co-creating with others is a step towards co-creation with the divine. Bringing many minds together to create something new is where true power manifests. We are not alone, we are all one. Co-creation brings your ideas into the realm of magic, amplifying all of our abilities to answer the call.

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So what do you think?  Has divine feminine leadership eluded you? And are you ready to create a shift in your relationship to success and money?  I'd love to hear more in the comments below...