Intuitive Energetics

  • I remember when I walked into the party and immediately felt the urge to turn around and run back out the same door.
  • The business meeting was dragging on and on and I began to feel the walls closing in around me.
  • I was in a relationship with someone who seemed great, but sometimes I’d get a creepy feeling inside when we were together.

We all can relate to one of these situations, or a similar feeling of unexplained energy. How do we navigate anxiety, overwhelm and other energetic situations with family and friends, in the boardroom, or in the classroom?

Everything is energy, and learning how your energetic body communicates with you is an important part of success in the mystic world.

When challenged, do you get up and leave energetically or do you have tools to bring you back to your center and respond in wholeness?

Imagine you are looking at a group meeting from above. The participants have been discussing the same topic for what seems like hours with no resolution.

  • One woman is checking email on her tablet.
  • A man is slouched back in his chair, his eyes drooping.
  • The project manager is repeating the same rhetoric over and over, trying to make everyone understand his point of view.
  • One person left to go to the bathroom and never came back!

Each of these is an example of checking out energetically. Each person is receiving energetic information without having a clear strategy for sensing, recognizing, and transforming the energetic.

Do you have a strong knowing of your own personal energy? Do you have tools for managing your energy?

I’d like to give you four clear, powerful and supportive steps to improve your energetic practices.

  1. Awareness: Observe and honor what is currently going on in your energy field.
  2. Ground: If you’re feeling grungy or having a bad day, pull up your roots from the earth to make your energy deeper and stronger.
  3. Create space: Know how to create your own unique energetic bubble. This bubble is your safe space to process energy and respond from your center.
  4. Intention: Match your frequency to your powerful intention.

Practicing these four steps helps you take in continual feedback to fit any situation and show up with your greatest possible energetic presence.  Learning how to manage your personal energetics takes practice. The more you practice, the better you get at responding to energy from your center. 

If you are new to energetic practices, begin away from the boardroom. Practice sitting quietly in a comfortable area. Begin feeling your personal energy.  [MORE]

When you’ve mastered your personal energy, sit quietly where it isn’t quiet and practice feeling, investigating and responding to outside energy. The more ways you can practice, the easier it will be to manage your energy in any situation.

We all have energetic practices we aren’t aware of. Accepting feedback from people you trust is a great way to shine the light on those hidden practices.

“I always know when you are getting overwhelmed because you start playing with your hair.”

“Right before you check out, you get a glazed look in your eyes.”

With practice and good feedback, you can begin to integrate new energetic strategies into real life. You will start to notice when your energy is being challenged and will have tools to help you regain your center.

My friend and mentor Richard Barr describes the energy practice by using the example of a monk sitting on the mountain. “A monk sitting in meditation isn’t enlightenment. It’s a moment in time. The monk is learning it.”  [HELP ME UNDERSTAND THIS]

Understanding energetics helps us influence our day to day experiences of life, improve business relationships and navigate personal relationships.

If you would like to explore energetics more deeply and realize your highest energetic potential, check out our Unlocking Miracles Bundle.


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