Tapping for Intuition and Divination

Tapping for Intuition and Divination The following is an EFT Tapping Script from Claire Hayes. Just tap on the points while saying the words out loud and notice the difference. You can download the Tapping Points here http://clairephayes.com/downloads/CPH-EFT-Tapping-Points.pdf Even though I’m not sure what I am doing, I love and accept myself Even though I don’t see my way, I love and accept myself Even though I feel out of touch with myself, I love and accept myself Not connected Not sure what to do Not in touch with my intuition Too much in my head All these thoughts Crowding me out All these thoughts So loud in my head I choose to pay attention I wonder what my thoughts are telling me I can tap for them Give them space and time When I do I can rest I am soothed Perhaps I will do that now So much going on I choose to be gentle with myself I choose to honour myself Listening to my thoughts Listening to my feelings Saying yes to all of me I honour myself I hear myself Breathing into my feelings Breathing into my thoughts I give myself space I open the portals Quietening down Opening my heart Opening my outside Opening my inside Keeping centre Keeping grounded Connecting to all What is behind? What is above? I choose to hear I choose to notice That thought That image That memory That future What is it saying to me? What is the story? What is the message? Throwing this deck Swinging this pendulum I allow myself to be open To be a conduit To b e a channel I am open to receiving I am open to the mystery I am open to the wisdom I am open I celebrate my awareness I surrender I accept I receive This can be fun These signs These prisms Saying “yes” to life Being centred, being grounded, being open Thank you xClaire http://clairephayes.com To learn about EFT Tapping go here http://clairephayes.com/about-eft/  

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