Prism Process

As you might imagine, I am passionate about the subject of manifestation and coming into alignment with your desires and intentions.

I work with women and groups to demystify “manifestation” and offer practical real-world techniques that strengthen our power of intention, focus our actions, and truly improve the results of our efforts to invoke our power to shape the world.

In my work with women, one of the most important things I remind them of is that manifestation is not something OUTSIDE of us. It is not something we need to wait for, or somehow appease.  Rather, a manifestation is an innate process that all of us can access. In fact, we are all manifesting all of the time. Every action, reaction, and intention is an act of manifestation. Each is like a step on a path, leading us in a very specific direction.  The big question is, what are we manifesting, where is that taking us, and is that serving us?  Are we creating drama, struggle, and difficulty, or are we co-creating with those around us, with our higher-self and even Spirit to lift ourselves to a higher, more meaningful, and freer way of being?

I truly believe the Universe is beneficent and conspires on our behalf to align us to our proper paths. All we have to do is orient ourselves with our inner guidance and let that natural process flow.  So what steps can you take to improve your experience and results? The “Prism Process” is one of the most popular signature manifestation processes people inquire about.

Real world Manifestation…

I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine who was putting together a teleseminar.

“I had five women signed up for my seminar,” she said. “But, I wanted more. I remembered what you told me about the Prism Process and thought I’d give it a try.”

The prism process is simple and essentially guides us to use our powers of intuition, visualization, and most importantly - creation - to make creative representations of what we are desiring to manifest in real life - or “in form” as we call it.

She told me how she had drawn a wheel on a sheet of paper and put the names of the five women registered for the class in the circle.  Then, she wrote the names of two others who had expressed interest but not registered yet.

“I wrote the names who were registered in pen and the ones who showed interest in pencil,” she explained. “Then I put random X’s in the circle to represent the people who were coming that I didn’t know about yet. That’s when the magic started to happen.”

My friend said she was hoping she would get 10 people to register but put enough X’s in the wheel for 15, just in case.

“Within a few days, the wheel filled up,” she said. “I had 15 people registered for my class!”

That’s the power of the prism process.

What is the “Prism Process?”

Do you remember looking through a prism as a child?  I do. Hand a prism to any child and they will hold it up to their eyes instinctively - they play with it - they delight in what they see through the prism. Through the lens of the prism, everything “real” looks different - more beautiful, more fun. It’s upside down and topsy turvy, it’s big, it’s small, it’s a million refractions of the same thing..and it’s a blend of twinkle and color in all directions. It’s magical to see.

Prisms disperse a beam of white light into the rainbow of colors. As a child, I was fascinated with how the prism expanded color and showed me so many different ways to look at one thing.

Nature is the ultimate teacher of the power of the prism.  Instead of creating only one example of a flower, nature creates an infinite variety of different flowers in all colors and shapes. When we look at nature, we find no two things identical: snowflakes, butterflies, crystals, none are exactly the same as any other. 

Nature’s infinite capacity for creativity teaches us to look - and create space - for all of the wonderful possibilities open to manifest our intentions. Then we use our intention to bring into focus that particular possibility that we seek to realize - however it may ultimately choose to manifest.

Using the prism process helps us empower our intentions by expressly acknowledging and creating clarity around them. Instead of only thinking in our minds about the possibilities, the prism process allows us to focus those thoughts into form, doing so sends a clear and powerful message to the universe.

“I am open and calling in this intention in any of its amazing forms and possibilities.”

My friend knew she wanted to manifest a successful teleseminar. By using a simple prism process, the universe helped her manifest more than what she originally thought possible.

What can the universe help you manifest today? Would you like to try creating a small prism of that desire?

Start here: State your desire

Step 1: How will manifesting that desire make you feel?

Step 2: How can you create experiences that evoke those feelings for you?

Step 3: How can you create visual cues that support those feelings for you (vision board? words on your bathroom mirror? a screen saver on your mobile phone?) These are little visual reminders that catch your attention and remind you of your desire

Step 4: How can you speak your desire and be witnessed?

Step 5: How can you give the very thing you seek (get creative with this one - it is super powerful)

Step 6: How can you source gratitude from right where you are - and in so doing continue to align to the perfection in this moment - as all manifestation happens right here in the NOW.

Together these steps create a “prism’ of your desires. A multi-faceted beautiful custom experience in support of what you are calling in. The prism process is a fun, gentle way to invite the fruition of your goals and desires.

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