Sacred Commerce - The Outbreath

Sacred Commerce comes with doing what you love and receiving compensation. We talk a lot about clearing blocks and allowing abundance to flow in. This is the In-Breath. To be in balance, we also need to realize the importance of the Out-Breath. The Out-Breath of Sacred Commerce means using your resources to support others who are doing what they love. An important part of the Out-Breath of Sacred Commerce is trusting in the flow, knowing the universe will continue to provide what is needed. When we skip the Out-breath, there’s no room for another In-breath. Together, the In-Breath and Out-Breathe create a balanced flow of energy. Soon we will be in what many call the Season of Giving. What a great time to practice the trust of the Out-Breath and support some of your fellow mystics! There is such an energetic magic to feeling really good about the exchange of energy, knowing resources are going to someone on the sacred commerce journey. We can create magic and flow in our gifting. When you shop for your gifts from your mystic sisters, you are actually gifting twice. The first gift is the abundance that flows to your mystic sister with your purchase.  The second gift is giving the gift you purchased to someone you care about. What we do for one, we do for all. When I look at all the amazing women on this mystic journey, I see so much beauty being created. Imagine gifting Elizabeth McDonnell’s You Are Loved art print to one of your best friends. Or finding Keri Nola’s beautifully wrapped Messages from Shadow Oracle Deck and Healing System with your name on it! Part of the abundance flowing in from the universe is meant for gifting yourself, celebrating the amazing contribution you’ve given to life this year. Prepare your space with Rhonda Lee’s Spirit Mist Smokeless Smudge and Energy Clearing Music and enjoy Vanessa Couto’s Astrology of Joy Lunar and Solar Mandalas coloring book for many hours of peace and relaxation as you go beyond coloring and into alignment with the cosmic rhythm. My heart is bursting when I feel all the love flowing in our circle. So, I’ve created a wonderland of offerings to get you started.